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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Shades Janelle’s Son

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Robyn Brown shades Janelle’s son in a new teaser for Sister Wives Season 16. Keep reading to find out why.

Janelle Brown holds her ground against Kody

The coronavirus pandemic hit the Brown family hard, though not with sickness. The social distancing and inability to spend time together put a huge strain on their relationships. In fact, Kody Brown’s relationship with his third wife, Christine, suffered so much that she announced their split earlier this month.

Season 16 continues where the last season left off, with the family still keeping their distance to avoid spreading COVID. Kody Brown even contemplates whether the family will be able to spend the holidays together.

Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube
Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube

However, Janelle Brown pushes back against his suggested restrictions, wanting to spend time with her kids who were coming to visit.

Robyn Brown shades Janelle’s son

Janelle Brown isn’t the only one who wants to spend time with family. During the discussion about holidays, Robyn Brown disagreed with something that Janelle said.

According to Janelle, her kids had been asking her when they can see Kody. In a confessional, Robyn threw shade on Janelle and Kody’s son Hunter. She said that Hunter could have called them anytime and she would have set up a socially distanced area where Hunter could visit with her and Kody.

“Well, he hasn’t asked to come over and visit outside,” Robyn said about Hunter.

Kody’s fourth wife also said that she tells her own kids how lucky the family is that they aren’t suffering as greatly as many other families during the pandemic.

Has Kody Brown abandoned his kids?

So, we know that Kody Brown didn’t see his son Hunter during the pandemic. What about his other kids? According to Robyn, Kody wasn’t “seeing his family as much” at the time of filming. The Sun reports that Robyn admitted her relationship with Kody was struggling, as well.

In fact, fans are wondering if she might leave the plural family like Christine did. At this point, we don’t know which of Kody’s other wives have left him. Christine is the only one who officially announced her separation from the plural family.

What do you think about Robyn Brown shading Janelle’s son? Do you think she has a point that Hunter didn’t make any effort to see his dad, either? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sister Wives returns to TLC on Sunday, November 21. Don’t miss it!

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  1. No excuse at how Kody has not made efforts to spend time with his children. He is the adult here. Robyn is wrong in her actions.

  2. I think Robyn deserves Kody and all the mess that comes with it. I think the othEr 3 wives should leave and never look back.

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