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Kody & Janelle Brown Bond As He Helps With Her Gardening Tasks

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Kody Brown visits with Janelle to “take her temperature” following Christine’s meltdown during their last decision. The husband-of-four wants to know whether any of his other wives feel the same way as Christine. While having a conversation alone with Janelle, he ends up bonding with her and helping her complete some gardening tasks.

Warning: Spoilers from the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives!

Janelle Brown explains how her husband works

According to Janelle Brown, Kody has a method to the madness every time there is a disagreement in the family. She explains that he takes time talking to each of his wives alone. It is his way of “taking their temperature” to see how they feel about the current situation.

Janelle explains this is Kody’s way of figuring out what everyone is thinking before deciding what to say or do next. Both Janelle and Meri admit that they hate the idea of voting and majority rules situations. But, that is just the way things have to work in a plural marriage.

SW Kody Brown - Janelle Brown


Kody helps while his second wife explains how it is

Kody Brown spent some time appreciating Janelle’s garden as he approached her to take her temperature. Janelle showed off the different things she had growing. Then, she called attention to the apples in the street she needed to get down. Kody fetched a ladder to assist in getting the apples out of the tree. While bonding and helping Janelle, Kody discussed what was going on with Christine and Utah.

Janelle Brown shut down the conversation. She noted that she hoped moving to Utah wasn’t on the table for a vote because she wasn’t interested. In fact, Janelle made it clear that if they moved to Utah, they could just give her the land on their way Janelle Brown added there was NOTHING for her in Utah and she was saying in Flagstaff.

SW Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Brown admits this puts him in an awkward situation. But, it certainly isn’t the first time a wife has threatened to leave him.

Did it warm your heart to see Kody Brown and Janelle bonding? Were you surprised he was willing to help her with her gardening tasks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

The Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives airs tonight only on TLC. Or, you can stream new episodes the same day they air as Discovery+ drops new episodes in the morning on the day they air.

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