‘Arcane’: Is Season 2 Going To Happen?

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Arcane, based on the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena League of Legends, has been confirmed via Twitter. The Season 2 announcement was made with the teaser featuring the stylized “A” logo exploding into an electrified “2”. Though fan speculation is all that’s apparent when it comes to potential release date hopes are high. Fan comments on Season 1 are mostly positive. Many have something to say about its beautiful art style.

Is it more than just a video game plug?

Video game adaptations have a long history of being terrible. Although, it seems Netflix is getting it right with its versions of popular Esports. DOTA, another popular MOBA, received similar treatment this year with its release of Dragon’s Blood. Some critics found the story difficult to follow without the game’s lore at hand. This didn’t stop a good critical and great audience reception on Rotten Tomatoes. Arcane suffers no such downside. In the weeks following its release, it maintained a nearly perfect critical and audience reception. There is no need to become a sudden fan of competitive gaming to enjoy this exciting and engaging adaptation.

Featuring high-tech animations with an exciting plot Arcane promises its audience from Act 1 that there will be much excitement in the future. The beautiful art style is the most obvious aspect of the show. Seamless movement, beautiful lighting, and excellent color usage makes the world come alive. Cyberpunk meets Steampunk with neon and clockworks emphasized by high-tech and low-life.

Arcane from Netflix

Magic and machine guns

League of Legends host many different champions pitted against each other in an arena. Arcane plucks some of them from the game to explore their origins. The residents of Zaun live as oppressed underground citizens in stark contrast to the high-class people of Piltover. The motivations aren’t complicated, but this animated series is not geared for children. Magic and monstrous fights certainly make their way into the perilous stakes of the show. There are plenty of mature themes and imaginative violence that lend the viewership to a young adult audience. The magic is felt and seen throughout the season. There are certainly no slow moments. This will keep you leaning in the entire time.

Rolling out the second season and beyond

In an unusual fashion for the streaming giant, episodes were dropped in three Acts containing three episodes each but there is no need to fear as all Acts are available for streaming through Season 1. With only a few rumors and a single announcement available there is little to go on when looking for what comes next for the popular series. Fans should keep their eyes and ears open for more announcements. Some fans fear another long wait for Arcane on Netflix but only time will tell. Hopefully, wait times are minimal.

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