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Michael Jackson Schools Travis Scott From Beyond His Grave


Travis Scott continues to make headlines for the Astroworld tragedy. The rapper is in trouble now 10 people died as a result of his concert on Friday, November 5. The two-day event was immediately canceled following the fatalities. The “Sicko Mode” star continues to get criticized for the way he handled the crowded event.

Concert goers died from the crowd surge. Also, hundreds suffered serious injuries. A video of the late Michael Jackson stopping his concert for a bug has resurfaced. Fans can’t help but notice how he was willing to save the insect, yet Travis performed as the people died in the crowd below him.

Travis Scott compared to Michael Jackson

Footage of the concertgoers at the Astroworld Festival went viral on social media. Many of them chanted for Travis Scott to “stop the show” while others called for help. The hip-hop artist continued performing a half-hour after the tragedy occurred. Also, one video of Michael Jackson popped up on TikTok.

The superstar stopped his concert to call for security. He asked them to save a bug that crawled its way onto the stage. Michael didn’t want to accidentally step on the bug. The fan wrote on the old concert footage, “He even paid attention to a bug, let alone his own fans.”

[Credit: Astroworld/Instagram]
[Credit: Astroworld/Instagram]
“Don’t kill it,” Michael pleaded. The security guard arrived to save the bug. He even showed Michael that it was still alive before exiting the stage. The “Thriller” star once again focused on his performance. His fans applauded him and even screamed, “I love you.”


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However, some fans don’t think Travis Scott should be compared to Michael Jackson. One fan took to Twitter to argue, “Stop comparing Michael Jackson to the Travis Scott situation. Nobody died at MJ’s concerts.” While that’s true, Travis is known to rile up fans at his concerts. All of his Astroworld concerts had a history of rowdiness and injuries.

“Sicko Mode” rapper was a fan of the late King of Pop

In a 2014 interview with XXL, Travis Scott admitted that he was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. He wanted to follow in the pop star’s footsteps. According to the rapper, he wanted a similar kind of legacy with his concerts. Ironically, he claimed that fans would “pass out” in the ambulance, but he failed to note the singer’s concert etiquette.

“I used to watch Michael Jackson DVDs like the 1985 shit when he was doing world tours,” Travis Scott said. “And mad kids used to pass out with ambulances and that shit. When I’m in the crowd I like to just lose my mind.”

What’s also interesting is that Kylie Jenner’s rumored fiance admitted that he wanted his fans to lose their minds at his shows. Travis claimed that he gives nothing but 100 percent during his shows. In that same interview, he shared another revelation that’s eery considering what happened at his Astroworld Festival.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“I always hate when like my favorite performer has a boring moment. Especially when they got mad hits,” he continued. “I ain’t got mad hits. But a performer that’s got number ones, top 10’s, there should be no dying time, people should be almost dead. People should be almost like dead.”

What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson stopping his concert for an insect? Do you think Travis Scott should be criticized for not caring about concertgoers? Sound off below in the comments.

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  1. Gonna be honest. Saw mj a few tes in the 90s expecting mayhem like on his videos and got nothing like it. It was fairly placid actually

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