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Julie Chrisley Dishes On Her Southern Thanksgiving Meal

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Julie Chrisley is sharing all the secrets behind her perfect Southern Thanksgiving meal. Move over, Pioneer Woman because the Chrisley matriarch is taking over the holiday season. Earlier this week, Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving made its debut on Peacock. The new holiday special shows Julie cooking in the kitchen with her family.

Julie previously admitted that her family gets “fiercely competitive” when it comes to cooking. You better pay attention when you watch the special because she’ll be sharing some of her favorite Thanksgiving dishes. In a new interview, Julie talks about her favorite dish and what her husband, Todd Chrisley, likes to eat.

Julie Chrisley shares her favorite Thanksgiving dish

Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently promoting their new show Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving, which premiered on Wednesday, November 18 on Peacock. The Thanksgiving-focused episode shows Julie Chrisley teaching her kids Chloe Chrisley, Grayson Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, and Savannah Chrisley how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

But it’s not just any Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the perfect Southern Thanksgiving meal that’s sure to make people drool. Julie told E! Online that her kids are more focused on “being the best” in the kitchen. However, her passion is to make the best Southern Thanksgiving meal. She shared her favorite dish out of all the dishes she makes. (And she makes a lot!)

“My carrot cake is probably the favorite,” Julie Chrisley admitted.

Meanwhile, her husband Todd Chrisley said that he doesn’t have a favorite because everything is that good. But there are some dishes that even he doesn’t like. He shared his least favorite dish.

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[Screenshot | YouTube]
“I love 98 percent of what he puts on the table,” Todd said. “There’s two percent in there where you tried some wonky s*** that I don’t like. And I do not like the casserole.”

There’s a special meaning behind this Thanksgiving episode. Todd and Julie want to pass these traditions onto their children. They’re hoping that their favorite dishes and traditions will live on. Since Chase and Savannah live on their own, they can share them with their own families one day.

What else does the Chrisley Knows Best star like to cook?

Reality Tid Bit shared some of the family’s other Thanksgiving secrets. Rather than cooking apple pie or pumpkin pie, Julie Chrisley loves to bake as much as she loves to cook. She makes sure to leave a sweet treat for her family every night. Her kids have taken to social media in the past to share some of her delicious desserts.

[Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Julie Chrisley will often make banana pudding or wet chocolate cake. Of course, the Chrisley Southern Thanksgiving meal will include the main bird and side dishes. Julie previously shared how to make her broccoli slaw and sweet potato casserole, both of which require the basics that can be easily found around the kitchen.

Want some inspiration for your Thanksgiving meal? Want to have your own Southern Thanksgiving dinner? Check out Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving on Peacock. It also airs on Thanksgiving Day, November 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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