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Lifetime’s ‘Dancing Through The Snow’ Stars AnnaLynne McCord, Colin Lawrence

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It’s A Wonderful Lifetime continues with another delightful holiday movie. This one is Dancing Through The Snow. This Christmas movie stars Colin Lawrence (Morning Show Mysteries, Virgin River), AnnaLynne McCord (Feliz NaviDAD, Excision), Bianca Lawrence (Day Of The Dead, Supergirl), Kheon Clarke (Superman and Lois, Gabby Duran & The Unsittables), Deborah Finkel (Resident Alien, iZombie), Candus Churchill (Nancy Drew, Right In Front Of Me), and Lydia Campbell (Away, Riverdale).

Ready to dance through Christmas?

What Is Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Michael Foster (Lawrence) is a firefighter and devoted single father to 8- year-old Lily (Lawrence). Lily is an aspiring ballerina. After a video goes viral of Michael and Lily doing an adorable ballet routine, Michael becomes the most eligible bachelor. Of course, women everywhere want to date this adorable Dad.

However, the only woman Michael has eyes for is Lily’s ballet teacher, Olivia (McCord). When having coffee, she jokes she is with a “minor celebrity.”

Will Michael be able to dance his way into Olivia’s heart?

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow?

Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow will premiere on Friday, November 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime. The movies are available to stream on the network’s website.

Is AnnaLynne McCord A Good Dancer?

Since AnnaLynne McCord is playing a ballet teacher on Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow, would that mean she took dance or has dance experience? Turns out no.

Speaking to PIX 11, the talented actress admitted that dancing is not her thing. “The best part of the dancing is that I suck at dancing.” Turns out, due to Covid, they had a limited amount of crew on set. That meant she could not have a choreographer help her out with some dance steps.

Instead, AnnaLynne had one of her dancer friends help out. The two had Zoom classes to help her look like she knew what she was doing. But, in the end, it was all worth it. Although she loves to play the vixen, she does Christmas movies for her mom to watch.

McCord also shared that this movie also “touches on real life.” There are some feels. There is an extra feel, and that is her two main co-stars.

It's A Wonderful Lifetime-https://twitter.com/lifetimetv/status/1459159098973474818
It’s A Wonderful Lifetime-https://twitter.com/lifetimetv/status/1459159098973474818

Lifetime Co-Stars Are Father And Daughter

There are two related co-stars in Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow. Colin Lawrence and Bianca Lawrence are father and daughter in real life, as they are in a Christmas movie.

AnnaLynne shared that it was “so sweet and precious” to watch Colin balance between “being a dad and actor, and a dad whose an actor to an actress.” That meant that as a dad, he realized his daughter was tired and perhaps needed a nap, but he still gently reminded her, “we have one last take.”

Don’t miss It’s A Wonder Lifetime’s Dancing Through The Snow. This Christmas movie premieres on Friday, November 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

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