[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

Jenelle Evans Waits For Biopsy Results, Gives Medical Warning To Fans

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Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans shared an important medical message. She mentioned that she noticed a cancerous skin condition she’s still dealing with. The reality star shared several photos of a dark spot on her leg. Jenelle underwent a biopsy to find out if it’s cancer.

Understandably, she was uncomfortable with the experience. Jenelle turned to the social media app to share the important health PSA with her fans. She didn’t want anyone else to have to go through this scary ordeal alone. The television personality is still waiting to hear back on the results.

Teen Mom alum shares important health update with followers

Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to get support from her fans and followers. She shared in her post that the “freckle” was removed and tested for cancer. The MTV star said that half of the spot turned a different color. She also shared several photos of where the mole was removed on her Instagram Story.

“I don’t have any other pics, but this was the ‘freckle’ removed due to asymmetry, and half of it turned dark brown,” Jenelle Evans wrote in the Instagram Story. “Daily reminder…go get your moles checked yearly.”

[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
She also shared a photo of another concerning spot she had on her chest. The Teen Mom alum addressed those “asking why I got a check-up. I’m wondering what this is…only happens when I go in the sun and itchy.”

“I was suggested to wait until I breakout then call to immediately get a biopsy,” she continued. “Haven’t had it done yet. Anyone have suggestions?”

Her dermatologist informed her that it could be a “polymorphous light eruption.” Jenelle told her fans that she would discuss the probable diagnosis with her doctor. She will update fans once she gets the results of her biopsy.

[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]

Jenelle Evan talks about being “canceled”

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans shared a video about her upcoming clothing line with SewSewYou. The brand dropped her after her controversial comments came back to haunt her. The Teen Mom 2 star took to TikTok this time to share the emotional video. She claimed that the partnership was dropped due to “haters.”

“Been crying all morning,” Jenelle Evans captioned the video. “Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but SewSew You has dropped me because of haters.”

[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story]
She then posted a video on YouTube titled “Who #Cancelled Me?” Jenelle made headlines when she lashed out at LeBron James for his comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. She claims that her “haters” launched a “hate campaign” in an effort to get her dropped. Ultimately, the brand didn’t move forward with its relationship with Jenelle.


Been crying all morning. Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but @sewsewyou has dropped me because of haters. 😞💔 #HeartBroken

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TV Shows Ace previously reported news of her husband David Eason. His DWI charges for his recent arrest were dropped. But his two other charges remain.  Jenelle wanted to share this important health update amid the controversy going on in her life.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Jenelle Evans.

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