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Peter Weber Responds To Claims He Hooked Up With Hannah Brown

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Yesterday, shocking news came from Hannah Brown ahead of her book launch, God Bless This Mess. Hannah admits that she actually hooked up with Peter Weber while his season was still airing on television. Now, Peter is speaking out about the claims. Plus, he’s revealing if he knew what would be in Hannah’s new book.

Peter Weber responds to claims he hooked up with Hannah Brown

People shared what Peter Weber had to say on his podcast last night regarding Hannah Brown. So are the claims true? Yes they are. Peter confirmed they did spend the night together in February 2020. Peter talked about that night and shared his version on his Bachelors in the City podcast.

Peter said, “I thought we were just going to keep it private, but I guess that wasn’t the case.” He continued, “And I’m totally okay with it, it’s all good. I don’t mind any of this.”

Since his season was airing, producers didn’t really want him attending Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin’s engagement party. However, he convinced them to let him go. He saw Hannah at the party and they did chat a little. Peter did say she looked beautiful in her dress.

So, he said, “I ended up leaving and then I was like, ‘I want to talk to [Brown] more.’ And so I remember I pulled over, I texted her and I was like, ‘Hey, let’s chat. You want to talk more?'” Peter continued,  “And so I ended up coming back to the party and she snuck out of the house without anyone figuring out and got in my car.”

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber via Instagram
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber

What happened next?

Peter said it was really good to talk to Hannah. It was nice because she understood what he was going through. However, he did confirm what Hannah said was true. Their chemistry just wasn’t the same anymore.

Peter hasn’t seen Hannah physically since that night together. He also fully supports her relationship with Adam Woolard. He said, “It seems like she’s in such a beautiful relationship, and Hannah is one of the most amazing people I truly have ever met.” Peter continued, “She has owned her imperfections and it’s just so attractive I think, and she’s a really great example of just a good, good person, a good, good heart and I’m very, very happy for her and her relationship.”

Peter Weber via Instagram Pic
Peter Weber via Instagram Pic

He also said he would love to have her on his podcast to chat about everything. He concluded by saying, “I guess now our little secret’s out there.”

What do you think about Hannah and Peter hooking up?



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