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Mykelti Padron Admits Rehoming Dog After Having Avalon 

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Mykelti Padron admits to rehoming her dog Spader after giving birth to Avalon. The revelation came up after Sister Wives fans noticed Spader wasn’t in any of the photos or videos Mykelti had posted on her Instagram profile. Concerned fans asked where her dog was and how the dog was doing. That was when Mykelti Padron broke the difficult news.

Mykelti Padron Avalaon - Instagram

Mykelti Padron Admits Rehoming Dog After Having Avalon

One concerned fan asked Mykelti Padron how her dog got along with a new baby in the home. The fan asked several other questions too including if Mykelti could remember a time before she had Avalon in her life. In responding to the fan, however, Mykelti only addressed the concern for her dog Spader. Unfortunately, Mykelti and her husband Tony were forced to make a difficult decision after having Avalon.

Mykelti Padron Instagram -  Spader

The TLC personality explained that Spader and Avalon did not get along so well after she was born. And, Mykelti didn’t want to put her daughter at risk of any accidents. So, she made the difficult decision to rehome her dog. She acknowledges it was not an easy decision. But, it was the best way to keep her daughter and the dog safe.

Mykelti Padron clarifies that they did rehome the dog. Spader was adopted by a friend of her husband Tony. She proceeded to reassure the fan that she’s checked in with her dog Spader and he’s happier than ever with his new home.

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Sister Wives Fans Applaud Difficult Decision

The original fan to ask the question was the first of many to applaud Mykelti Padron. The individual noted it couldn’t have been an easy decision to make. But, it was definitely the right call if the dog was not welcoming of her baby girl being in the home.

Mykelti Padron’s explanation was liked a few dozen times as fans appreciated her making an effort to ensure Spader went to a new home where he would be loved and cared for.

Mykelti Padron Instagram
Baby Avalon – Instagram

Do you think it was difficult for Mykelti Padron to give up her dog Spader after having Avalon? Do you appreciate the difficult decision she made to keep her daughter safe? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Mykelti and her daughter Avalon.

The Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere airs this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET only on TLC.

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