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Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Continues Driving Amid Arrest?!

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Teen Mom fans are concerned that Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason is driving when he shouldn’t. In fact, they think he posted a new video on social media where he’s clearly driving, despite being arrested just a few days earlier for driving on a revoked license.

At issue is that he took to TikTok on Tuesday to share a video of himself as he appeared to be behind the wheel of a car.

He zoomed in on a truck in front of him, which was driving with a missing wheel. It appeared that, considering the angle and situation, that he was in a moving car and driving.

The Teen Mom star’s husband, never appeared onscreen, though many fans stated they believe he was the person driving despite his recent arrest.

David Eason Caught?

Once people started viewing the video, they decided it was time to discuss the situation. That meant people went to Reddit especially to discuss what he might have been doing.

While sharing the video, one person asked: “Well, well, well… Look who is out on the road again. Do you think he was the one driving?”

“They’ll be driving until they kill someone,” another person commented. “No consequences or personal accountability with those 2.”

Another fan had a problem with David Eason being behind the wheel. However, they also had a problem with the fact that his wife wasn’t chipping in and driving instead, considering their legal issues.

“If he couldnt drive why couldnt Jenelle is what I’m wondering?” the user wrote. “Why take the risk at all if you don’t have to? I mean it’s not like he was driving to a JOB or anywhere important every day.”

Maybe He Was Never Driving

While most of David Eason’s fans were outraged that he would be dumb enough drive, others believed the whole thing was a stunt. They believed he was looking for attention by pretending to do something he actually wasn’t.

“He knows damn well what he’s doing,” another fan wrote. “He’s probably not driving, he just wants attention. Don’t give it to him.”

According to the incident report obtained by The Sun, David Eason was arrested and charged with driving with his license revoked and possession of an open container.

That arrest was not the first time he’s been hit with charges related to driving under a revoked license. He was previously arrested for the same offense in July of 2020.

This is one of the reasons the Teen Mom fandom isn’t really all that surprised it looks like he did it again. It really doesn’t appear that being arrested for that particular charge isn’t something that fazes him much.

Just why it doesn’t is a question that needs an answer at some point.

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