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‘General Hospital’: Bergen Williams, Who Played Big Alice, Has Died

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Soap actress Bergen Williams has died. Better known to General Hospital fans as ‘Big Alice,’ join us in remembering the iconic scene stealer.

Daunting actress best known as ‘Big Alice’

In 2001, General Hospital fans began to notice a background player on the ABC soap. Quartermaine maid Alice Gunderson ran the mansion as a tight ship, refusing to put up with any shenanigans from curmudgeon Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle.)

Bergen Williams/YouTube
Bergen Williams/YouTube

Affectionately known as ‘Big Alice,’ the family maid took a shine to Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary.) In fact, she hilariously wore black when Luke married Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot.)

The character last appeared in 2014.

‘General Hospital’: Bergen Williams Has Died

Sadly, the actress who played ‘Big Alice’ has died. Bergen Williams’ sister shared the news on social media. The soap star passed away back in July, but her sister just made the announcement this week.

According to her family, Bergen Williams passed away from “the ravages of Wilson’s disease. Soap She Knows describes the disease as “a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in one’s liver, brain and other vital organs. “

Quartermaine maid moonlights as a professional wrestler

Bergen Williams portrayed ‘Big Alice’ from 2001 to 2014. During that 10+ year time period, General Hospital gave ‘Big Alice’ some very memorable storylines. While Luke had eyes for Tracy, he thought fondly of Alice, even forging Edward Quartermaine’s will to leave her a chunk of ELQ.

‘Big Alice’ was a highlight of the Quartermaine Thanksgiving episodes, which hilariously always ends in the family noshing on pizza instead of a fancy spread.

But perhaps most memorable is Alice’s stint as a professional wrestler. Known in the ring as ‘The Dominator,’ Bergen Williams’ stature made a formidable opponent.

In 2014, ‘Big Alice’ was the center of a health scare storyline. After suffering a heart attack, her former nemesis Tracy Quartermaine pulled all kinds of strings to get Alice a heart transplant.

The storyline even saw an appearance from WWE wrestler David Otunga. In the end, Alice got her heart from deceased mobster Mickey Diamond. She then retired from her job as Quartermaine maid, after years of tending to their every need.

Bergen Williams/YouTube
Bergen Williams/YouTube

It’s unclear if General Hospital will mention the passing of Bergen Williams on the show. ‘Big Alice’ hasn’t been on the canvas for years, though fans always remember her.

Join us in remembering Bergen Williams for her memorable acting career. Share your favorite ‘Big Alice’ memories in the comments below.

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