SZA Halts Concert, References Astroworld


SZA, who performed at Astroworld before the crowd surge that left 10 people dead, paused a concert Thursday after someone fainted.

The “Normal Girl” singer not only halted her Salt Lake City, Utah, show, but she also asked staffers to hand out water while addressing the Astroworld tragedy.

“This person’s literally flat out like passed … out … like flat on the ground non-responsive and it’s important that we just make sure they’re OK,” she told the crowd.

She then went on to make sure that the people at the concert were well taken care of for the rest of the show.

“Way more water,” SZA told the staff “My personal water … bring all the water … I don’t care … every last one.”

Astroworld At The Front Of RZA’s Mind

She then talked to the crowd again, saying that people might not find it all that odd for someone to pass out at a concert. It apparently happens more often than people realize. People get excited and get dancing nad pretty soon, they become overheated and dehydrated.

However, people don’t often find themselves dying. The singer pointed to the people who died at Astroworld and apparently wants to do everything she can to come close to repeating that kind of tragedy. Whether it be one person or ten.


SZA had performed at the Houston festival earlier in the night. However, she wasn’t on stage during the tragedy that occurred during the Travis Scott concert.

After her set, she posted a picture of her hooked up to fluids, saying she wasn’t feeling well and apologizing for not being able to “kick it w the crowd tnt.”

She also had plenty to say after the events unfolded.

The day after the tragedy she posted how appalled she was by what happened.

“Speechless about last night I’m actually in shock n don’t even know what to say,” she wrote on social media. “Just praying for everyone in Houston especially the families of those that lost their lives.”

Later that night, the singer canceled another concert. It doesn’t appear that Astroworld was the cause of the cancellation. Instead, she said she had a fever and needed to rest.

Travis Scott Fallout Continues

While SZA appears to be trying to be careful about this kind of thing, Travis Scott is still seeing some real problems from the fallout.

Scott, who was performing during the crowd surge at Astroworld, is being accused of keeping the concert going even though people were getting injured in the crowd. Authorities had also announced a mass casualty event.

Scott’s attorney, Edwin McPherson claimed his attorney didn’t know there was a mass casualty event being called.

“Nobody told him, nobody told his crew,” the attorney said. “When finally somebody communicated something to his crew that this was the last song that was about 10:10, Travis said ‘OK, last song’ and he stopped it when he was told to stop it.”

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