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Did Josh & Anna Duggar Dump Kids On Jim Bob & Michelle Amid Scandal?

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Where have Josh and Anna Duggar’s kids been since his arrest this spring? When Josh was arrested, his wife, Anna disappeared from social media. Fans didn’t see any pictures of her or the kids for months. Within the past month or two, a few new photos of the children have surfaced, revealing that Josh and Anna may have been counting on Jim Bob and Michelle to raise their kids for them.

For those who don’t know, Josh was arrested in April for the possession of child pornography. The former TLC star is awaiting his November 30 trial. In the meantime, he must live with a legal guardian approved by the court. While he’s living there, he has to follow specific rules, which include not being around minors other than his own children with his wife’s supervision.

So, he has been living with a family friend, the Rebers. Anna reportedly has brought the kids to visit him and believes he’s innocent. But fans and critics have wondered how Anna could care for all six kids while pregnant on her own. She has since given birth, so she now has seven little ones to take care of.

Josh, Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Now, we may have some answers about what the kids have been. Note that this hasn’t been confirmed or denied by the family.

Josh & Anna Duggar’s Kids Spotted At Jim Bob & Michelle’s Home

In a new YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday, Jessa Seewald reveals that her son, Spurgeon, celebrated his sixth birthday with a little get-together at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. While Spurgeon opened his presents, some of his cousins can be seen with him. It looks like almost all of Josh and Anna’s kids are present. Interestingly, no other cousins attended the birthday get-together.

Mason, Marcus, Mackynzie, and Meredith can be seen in the following photos.

Jessa Seewald YouTube

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are speculating that Jim Bob and Michelle became responsible for the kids and that the grandkids essentially moved in with them. One user notes, “Seems like nobody came over to TTH for Spurgeon’s party and it was just the people who actually live there in attendance plus the Ms. That would be strange if we didn’t already suspect they were being taken care of by Boob and Meech.”

Someone has questions about the setup and asks, “So is Anna not around her older children at all? What is the reasoning for J&M to take them on? Is there guilt involved in this decision? Do they actually do anything for the kids or is it just Jana?”

Others, however, speculate that the kids could have been visiting for Spurgeon’s birthday. One writes, “If they live on the same property why wouldn’t they be over at the TTH for a birthday party? That doesn’t seem to prove they live there. I’m sure Anna does get help from various Duggars with babysitting, etc., as she should.”

So, do you think that Josh and Anna Duggar have been relying on Jim Bob and Michelle to raise their kids during this time? Does this come as a surprise to you, or did you expect it to happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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You can see Jessa Seewald’s full video here.

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  1. Why do you post lies? We live in the same community as the Duggars, we have for 26 years. Anna would never dump her children. Jim Bob and Michelle welcome all their grandchildren into their home.

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