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Jackson Duggar’s Latest Activity Leaves Fans Feeling Sick

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Former 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On star Jackson Duggar has fans totally freaking out. His recent activity is coming out, including some of the disturbing details. N

ow, fans are commenting that they are disgusted by what the 17-year-old has done. Read on to get all of the details about his latest move and to see what fans have to say.

Duggar family Instagram, Duggar grandchildren 2021
Duggar family Instagram

Jackson Duggar’s Latest Activity Revealed

It looks like Jackson has been pretty busy with something this fall. In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, the Duggar family revealed that Jackson has decided to try something new. They shared a photo of the teenager, as well as a caption describing his new activity. In the photo, Jackson is kneeling beside a buck that he shot and killed. It looks like he’s proud of himself. In the caption, his parents wrote:

Jackson got a nice buck on Saturday, the opening day of gun season here in Arkansas! We’ve already enjoyed some of the meat from his harvest! Deer jerky is one of our favorites to make. Jackson is a good shot, and becoming a great cook, too! 👨‍🍳”

Duggar family Instagram

Counting On Fans Bothered By Recent Photo

In the comments section of the post, the family’s fans are talking about how disgusting it is that Jackson would pose beside a dead animal. Many of them think it’s gross. One calls it a “sad picture.” Some even claim that they are unfollowing the family in response to the post. The whole comments section is filled with people who are unhappy about the post and claiming that there’s no way the Duggars can actually be “pro-life” with this kind of content.

Hardly any of the comments on the post are positive, and it’s already being deemed a major PR mistake by the Duggar family. However, they haven’t offered any clarification or an explanation. At this point, it’s unlikely that they will share another post defending their actions or respond to comments to help fans settle down.

One fan speculates that they are posting about other controversial topics to distract from things like Josh Duggar’s arrest and upcoming trial. It’s unclear what they were actually trying to do by posting this photo, however.

So, what do you think of Jackson Duggar going hunting? Do these kinds of pictures sicken you, too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Only way that would bother me is if they killed the animal just for the joy of killing. But they are going to cook and eat the meat, Good job Jackson.

    1. Awesome job , my whole family hunts. Deer jerky is the best ! Everybody complaining must be vegetarian. Just because you didn’t take a picture with the cow you just ate at a restaurant doesn’t make it any different.

  2. I hate to see any animal killed. However, if the family is using the meat for food to feed their family, it’s more justified. People kill cows for Beef, pigs for sausage on the breakfast table.

  3. That’s awsome that he’s into hunting for food for the family and not into drinking or drugs. Congratulations!

  4. There is nothing wrong with hunting during hunting season. The family stated it was for food. Not a trophy hunt. So good for him!

  5. I am proud that my family have been successful farmers and ranchers that have hunted and fished for over 150 years in Texas. We pay a license to hunt and fish, and we follow the law. We are regulated as to when, where, quantity and size of what can be hunted or fished, and we eat what we kill ALWAYS. These laws benefit the survival of the species and regulate overpopulation or extinction of their food source and their predators. If you disagree don’t do it, but respect the environment.

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