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Fans Believe Kody Brown Wants Effortless Glory Of Fatherhood

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After 15 seasons of Sister Wives, almost all of Kody Brown’s children are grown up and fleeing the nest. Three are married and do not even live in Flagstaff. Viewers have also noted he pays more attention to his fourth wife, Robyn Brown’s five children than his other thirteen. With an explosive temper and questionable career, fans wonder if Kody wants the title of patriarch by doing the bare minimum.

Kody Brown- In Control By Being Out Of Control

One of the most dependable characteristics about Kody Brown has always been his ability to want to maintain control. With four wives and eventually eighteen children, he believed he was the one who called the shots. When he announced he was courting Robyn, he asked the kids what they thought of her. They said they liked her but did it really matter? He was already in love and planning on proposing.

Kody Brown - Brown Family

When it was time to haul away from Utah to head for Vegas, the wives were rushing while Kody was dictating the time. This seemed to be a constant all along their time in Las Vegas. Whenever the family would plan a trip or attempt to do something, he asserted his patriarchy. Yet, it was the women of the family who kept everyone leveled. They were raising the kids and working on their relationships with one another, if need be.

The wives also held down jobs, especially Janelle. She admitted she was a workhorse, getting her real estate license along with Christine upon moving to Vegas. Eventually, Meri and Christine started selling LuLaRoe while Janelle started her own fitness business. It remains unclear how Kody made his money, especially when he owed back taxes. He was a father and patriarch, yet what has he done to earn these titles?

All The Glory, None Of The Work

Fans and viewers have scrutinized Kody Brown for his husbanding skills. He tends to favor one wife over the other and recently, his third wife Christine left the marriage. They also were extremely critical of the way he handled his daughter Ysabel when she needed life-changing back surgery. Kody did not want to travel with her and Christine to New Jersey for it during COVID because he would have to quarantine. This left his daughter in tears. She got the surgery as planned, regardless of how he felt.

Sister Wives Kody Brown
Sister Wives Kody Brown

Now, according to ScreenRant, a Reddit thread is painting Kody as a wannabe good father who really is lacking in that category. Some even believe this caused the demise of his marriage to Christine, saying: “Kody wants all the glory of being a father and husband without physically parenting.” Additional comments pointed to his financial situation and his 2-seater convertible. This definitely is not family-friendly.

Kody also took it upon himself to lay down the law when it came to COVID do’s and don’ts during last season. Will history repeat itself? Do you think Kody Brown is merely a dad for show and praise? Find out when Sister Wives returns Sunday, November 21st on TLC.

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