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‘Teen Mom’: Do Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Owe $46K In Back Taxes?

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is going through some pretty difficult times so far this year. Now with the latest turn of events that doesn’t appear as if that is going to change anytime soon. As Jenelle’s followers well know since the reality television personality was fired from MTV, she has attempted to earn a living with a number of her own self-employed business ventures.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, these ventures have all failed to become a lucrative form of support for herself and her husband David Eason. In fact, Jenelle and David have gotten themselves into a bit of hot water with the IRS, according to The Sun. in June of 2020 it was revealed that David and Jenelle were hit with a state tax lien in the amount of $46,606.70 for 2017.

Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

Why Me?

To date, the massive tax bill still remains unpaid, according to the courthouse. It has been one bump after the next for Jenelle and her family. Some of David and Jenelle’s failing self-employed businesses include her make-up line, podcasts, David’s handmade knives. But, most recently Jenelle’s new clothing line has all somehow blown up in the former reality television star’s face.

Jenelle Evans Claims Being My Own Boss Pays Well

Jenelle Evans previously claims that she makes ALMOST as much money doing her own self-employed business ventures as she did when she was working for MTV. However, Evans’ followers are finding Jenelle’s proclamations a bit hard to believe, and here is why.

Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok
Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Jenelle Evans claims she is a social media influencer. She makes her money promoting different products on her social media platforms which include Instagram and TikTok. However, Evans also claims she has a number of health issues plaguing her which somedays prevent her from working most days.

Over the weekend Jenelle Evans and David Eason had high hopes for Jenelle’s latest business plan. The two began teasing a new clothing line designed by Jenelle that would launch on November 17. However, catastrophe struck Jenelle and David once again. On November 12, Jenelle took to Instagram in tears revealing that her life is once again in shambles. In tears, Jenelle claims she has all of her haters to thank!

What Will David And Jenelle Evans Do Next?

Evans reveals that her new clothing line is no longer a go because ‘her haters’  reached out to the company she had partnered with spewing hate and lies. It was so much that, according to Jenelle, the company decided it was not worth the problems and severed the deal with Jenelle before the clothing launch could take place.

Credit:Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

As if that was not enough for Jenelle to handle in one day, on Friday evening her husband David Eason got in trouble with the police again. Columbus County, NC court records reveal that David Eason was arrested on Friday evening.  So far charges include DWLR (Driving While License Revoked) speeding, expired tags and registration, and open container.

David Eason is to appear in court before the judge on February 9, 2022. This means that not only is 2021 ending on a sour note for Jenelle Evans and David Eason, but, so far, 2022 is also not looking too great for the husband and wife team.


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