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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Blame Robyn’s Huge Marriage Gap For Destroying Kody’s Family

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Sister Wives fans are struggling to explain why the plural family is falling apart after all these years. Is the huge gap between Robyn Brown and the other wives the cause? Find out why fans think so.

Sister Wives fans struggle to understand Christine Brown dumping Kody

Sister Wives fans knew tensions were high in the Brown family. However, no one could have predicted that Christine Brown would be the first of the four wives to leave the plural marriage. But that is exactly what she did. She announced the news on her Instagram earlier this month, weeks before the premiere of Season 16.

The news came amid speculation that she moved back to Utah, but none of the rumors included her dumping Kody Brown. Where does that leave the family of one of TLC’s most popular reality shows?

Credit: Sister Wives/YouTube
Credit: Sister Wives/YouTube

Does the age gap between Robyn and the other wives matter?

If you had asked fans, they would have bet on Meri Brown leaving the family first. After all, she spends a lot of time in Utah already at her family’s bed-and-breakfast. During Season 15, Kody’s first wife tried desperately to repair their relationship.

At this point, fans don’t know if Christine is the only one to leave the plural marriage. However, Sister Wives fans know exactly who to blame: Robyn Brown.

Credit: Robyn Brown/YouTube
Credit: Robyn Brown/YouTube

The least popular wife among fans is taking most of the heat for Christine Brown’s departure. Reddit is a popular forum for fans to dissect and speculate about the show. In a thread titled, “Was Robyn’s marital status prior to Kody a bigger issue than we thought?,” fans speculated about Robyn’s impact on the family.

The original poster questioned if Robyn’s previous marriage and lack of experience with polygamy hurt the family overall.

However, another Redditor disagreed with the original assessment. In their opinion, the gap between Meri’s marriage to Kody and bringing Robyn into the fold played a huge role in the strain. The fan feels that the fact that Meri and the other wives were in relationships with Kody for over 20 years before Robyn was a problem.

“Imagine you are married for 20 years and your husband gets married to a new, young, attractive woman of childbearing years,” they wrote.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Robyn Brown mourns ‘crumbling’ family in Season 16 trailer

Regardless of why the plural family is falling apart, Robyn Brown seems devastated by it. In the Season 16 trailer, she cries about how her family is “crumbling.” Furthermore, she reportedly feels guilty for the end of  Christine and Kody’s relationship.

Do you agree with Redditors that the gap between Robyn and the other wives is why the plural family is falling apart? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Viewers will learn more about Christine’s departure during the new season. Sister Wives Season 16 premieres on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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