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Details Emerge On Argument Between ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Family Beth Chapman & Lyssa

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Sadly, Beth Chapman passed away in June 2019. However, her memory lives on. Unfortunately, those don’t always include good ones. Information about the huge rift that came between Dog the Bounty Hunter family members Beth Chapman and Lyssa Chapman is surfacing once again. Keep reading to find out more about what went down between them prior to Beth’s untimely death.

Details resurface about fight between Beth Chapman and Lyssa Chapman

The Sun shared details about exactly what went down between Dog the Bounty Hunter family members Beth Chapman and Lyssa Chapman. It turns out part of their troubles began when Lyssa failed to wish Happy Mother’s Day to Beth. It’s being reported that Lyssa also didn’t invite Beth to her granddaughter’s graduation.

As a result, Beth went to social media to vent saying she had no choice. Beth had said, “Lyssa doesn’t answer [her] calls and has [them] blocked.”

They argued it out on social media. Lyssa responded to the accusations on Twitter. She shared a screenshot that read, “Happy mother’s day I love U grandma.” Beth wasn’t satisfied at all. Beth responded saying her granddaughter said it but it was not from Lyssa. She also went on to say if they had know when their other granddaughter’s graduation was then they would have been there.

Beth responded also saying, “your not off the hook Lyssa you Invite your parents regardless I bet Leigh’s parents we’re invited. we could have been home in time you chose not to even tell us.”

Lyssa fired back one more time saying, “I have your Mother’s Day text and other unanswered messages to you. I will tell you what I have told you before and that is – life is short, you should focus on the good things. I’m not going to battle with you ever again.”

After Lyssa’s Twitter posts ended neither of the ladies said anything about it. It’s unclear if they patched things up.

Who is Lyssa Chapman?

Beth Chapman was Lyssa’s stepmom. Duane Chapman also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter had a total of twelve children with three different ladies.

Lyssa is the ninth out of Duane Chapman’s twelve children. She’s known in the family as Baby Lyssa to distinguish from her mother and Dog’s third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain, or Big Lyssa.

She has two children. One was born just after Lyssa turned 15. The father was actually arrested when it became known he was 24 when Abbie was conceived.

In 2009, Lyssa married Brahman Bo Galanti and they had one child together, Madalynn Grace Galanti. However, their marriage did not last. They divorced in 2011. Now, Lyssa is engaged to a woman,  Leiana Evensen. They are still in the process of planning their wedding.




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