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6 Sexy Snaps Of Brandi Passante That Left Instagram Drooling

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Brandi Passante has made quite the name for herself by winning showdowns on Storage Wars. Of course, she’s also made a name for herself because she’s won those showdowns looking really, really good.

Perhaps the best thing about her is that she knows that she makes wading through abandoned storage lockers look good. There’s just something rather magnetic about the pictures she posts on Instagram.

6 Sexy Snaps Of Brandi Passante Showing Her Beauty To Instagram

Brandi is one of the original members of the Storage Wars, so fans have known her for quite a while. When it comes to her on-screen look, she tends to go a little more conservative, mainly because of what she’s doing on a day-to-day basis. However, when she takes to social media, she tends to get a bit wilder.

6. Giving a glimpse of the tummy

Sometimes you don’t have to show off a ton of skin to get the heart racing. This photo of Brandi out on a hike is still plenty sexy because it gives just a glimpse of what she has to offer. There’s something to be said for her decked out in all black to boot.

brandi Passante

5. The Second Amendment has never looked so sexy

Brandi Passante is a bit of a throwback in that she’s someone who can make herself look really good when she’s decked out in a dress, in workout clothes, or in overalls holding a rather large gun. Perhaps it’s simply her confidence in this pick. Perhaps its the fact that she’s showing off she knows what she likes. Whatever it is, this is one of the sexiest snaps on her Instagram account.

Brandi Passante

4. Overalls part deux

Speaking of making overalls look good, Brandi managed to put a special spin on these particular overalls, making them a bit shorter and showing off a very firm thigh. The blank tank underneath does wonders for the hormones as well.

Brandi Passante

3. You can call me baby

There’s something sexy about a woman who is willing to cut loose and have a little fun. This pic of her having fun with the fact that she got relegated to the baby seat is exactly that. There’s also something to be said for the goods she’s showing off in this snap.

Brandi Passante

2. Brandi Passante can really pull off the little black dress

Let no one say that everyone’s favorite Storage Wars star cannot pull off a slinky black dress. Yes, she’s a proud mama. She’s also really got it going on in this shot.

sexy snaps

1. Brandi Passante has people saying … Meow!

Yet another picture where Brandi Passante is showing off how proud a mama is, while also showing off that incredible body. There’s no doubt she was turning heads while the focus was also supposed to be on those walking across the stage.

Storage WArs

With this selection of photos, which of them had you drooling?

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