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Mykelti Padron Defends Feeding Baby Avalon A Choking Hazard

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Mykelti Padron jumped on her Instagram Stories to share a short video update on baby Avalon. As Sister Wives fans know, Avalon turned seven months old a little over a week ago. Mykelti reveals her daughter is sprouting teeth fast as she already has four chompers in her mouth.

Now, Mykelti Padron was quick to defend what her daughter was playing with and presumably snacking on in the video. More specifically, she was trying to defend the potential choking hazard before receiving backlash from fans.

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What choking hazard did her daughter have exactly? Keep reading or scroll down to watch the short video clip.

Mykelti Padron defends choking hazard

The very first thing Mykelti declared in her Instagram Stories update was that she was right there with Avalon. She was watching her. She noted the cherry tomatoes were not really a choking hazard because she was keeping a close eye on her daughter.

Mykelti encouraged her followers watching the video to just ignore the container of tomatoes. Presumably, she wanted her followers to ignore the whole cucumber sitting on the floor beside the seven-month-old as well.


The first-time mother proceeded to explain Avalon now had four teeth. She tried to get the little one to smile hoping she could show off those gorgeous little chompers. Avalon, however, pretty consistently has little interest in performing on camera. So, her mother rarely gets to show off what she’s trying to show fans on camera.

Watch video of baby Avalon

Posted on her Instagram Stories, the video of Avalon playing with and presumably eating cherry tomatoes and a whole cucumber will expire after 24 hours. But, you can watch the video by pressing play on the clip down below.

Is Mykelti Padron’s daughter old enough for tomatoes?

Despite Mykelti Padron watching her daughter with the cherry tomatoes, they are still a choking hazard because they have not been cut up. Mykelti watching her daughter will not stop her from choking. By watching, Mykelti Padron would be able to step in if her daughter did choke on the tomatoes to prevent her from dying. But, simply watching her daughter with the tomatoes doesn’t make it stop being a choking hazard.

This bodes one very simple question though. Are tomatoes even safe for someone Avalon’s age to consume? Typically, anywhere from six to eight months old is when a baby can start having solid foods. After getting pediatrician approval, of course. It is recommended that a baby is given one type of baby food at a time without mixing foods to ensure there are no food allergies or sensitivities. Likewise, there are certain goods children just shouldn’t have until they reach a certain age.

According to What To Expect, serving a purée of tomatoes to a baby that is six months old is completely fine. But, children should not consume raw tomatoes or cherry tomatoes until they are over the age of four because they are a choking hazard. Likewise, tomatoes are extremely acidic. And, that can be harsh on a growing stomach. So, some suggest not introducing tomatoes to children at all until they are at least 10 to 12 months of age.

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Is the cucumber safe for baby Avalon?

According to HealthlineMykelti Padron’s daughter Avalon definitely shouldn’t be eating a raw cucumber. Healthline notes that cucumbers should not be introduced to a child’s diet until they’re at least nine months old. And, the cucumber should be pureed. Turns out, Avalon REALLY shouldn’t have a whole raw cucumber. It is not recommended to give a child a raw cucumber until they are over a year old.

“This is because cucumbers have a substance called cucurbitacins, a compound that may be hard for babies to digest,” Healthline explains.

Mykelti Brown Padron Instagram

Why is Mykelti Padron feeding Avalon on the floor?

Moreover, some Sister Wives fans are appalled that Mykelti Padron is feeding her seven-month-old food off of the floor. Fans question why Avalon isn’t in some sort of high chair with her food.

At Avalon’s age, she should just be starting to explore solid foods. And, they should always be pureed and one at a time. So, there are far more issues in this video than simply whether the tomatoes are a choking hazard or not. Likewise, she should be securely fastened into a high chair for safety while exploring solid foods.

What do you think of Mykelti Padron defending her decision to give baby Avalon cherry tomatoes and a whole cucumber? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Sister Wives family.


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  1. I fed my kids what I wanted when I wanted and they are just fine. She is being a very good mother and all y’all can just back off. Because guess what? It is none of your business.

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