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‘La Brea’: Has The NBC Series Been Renewed Or Canceled?

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When it comes to show that have stood out for no other reason than their subject, La Brea is right at the top of the list. The show focuses on a group of people who happened to be driving around the La Brea tar pits when a massive sinkhole formed in the middle of Los Angeles.

The abruptness of that sinkhole led to several people falling into it, seemingly to their deaths. However, it turns out that the hole was actually some kind of wormhole. At first, those who fell through thought they had been transported somewhere. It turned out, however, that they were transported back in time.

While those who fell through were busy trying to survive in a prehistoric world set during the last ice age, those left behind in the present were working hard to try and figure out how to get their loved ones back.

Considering how interesting that plotline sounds on its face, the big question of course, is whether or not La Brea is going to be able to get a long run. The show is near finishing its first season. Is it getting a second?

La Brea Renewed Or Canceled?

In fact, the sinkhole will stay open for at least another year. NBC has picked up a second season of the drama series for the 2022-23 season. Industry experts say the show has performed solidly so far this fall.

The series is the first rookie of the fall to earn a renewal for next season. La Brea‘s renewal comes a few weeks before the 10-episode first season wraps up.

“This was a big swing that captured audiences’ attention, and we’re excited to let fans know there’s more to come in season two,” Susan Rovner, chairman of entertainment content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, told reporters Friday according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hauling In Decent Audiences

La Brea is averaging about 7.9 million viewers per episode. That includes seven days of delayed viewing. That delayed viewing demographic has become more important over the years. It basically tells networks and streaming services how many people are either watching through their DVR, or on those services.

The big question now is just how long this kind of show can survive on network television.

la brea renewed or canceled

For the most part, NBC has show a decent amount of gore, as some wild animals have taken out the people who survived the fall. However, when talking about a shot like this, it always seems like a matter of time before it’s going to jump to something else.

Fans of La Brea might remember when happened to another NBC favorite in Manifest. That show was quite popular but eventually left network TV for Netflix.

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