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Joy-Anna Forsyth Blasted For Letting Evelyn Go Barefoot At Construction Site

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Former Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth is taking the heat on social media. The mom to two often gets criticism for the way she parents Gideon, 3, and Evelyn, 1. Fans are often wondering whether she’s making safe choices for the kids. One time, a gun was sitting on the kitchen table within Gideon’s reach. When she was pregnant, she happily rode an ATV without a helmet, which fans didn’t think was safe. Now, Joy-Anna is back with a new post that has fans freaking out. So, what’s going on?

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram 2

Joy-Anna Forsyth Visits Austin At Work With The Kids

In a new Instagram post, Joy-Anna shared a few photos of herself and the kids visiting her husband, Austin at work. In her Instagram stories, she revealed that he’s now building new homes instead of fixing up existing ones as he did before. The Duggar daughter writes, “I took both kids to go check up on Austin’s job sites today! It is fun taking them along, watching them explore and ask questions, buuut that doesn’t mean it’s not always easy.😅”

She continues, explaining how she’s grown as a mother and says, “Being a mother has grown and stretched me more than anything. I am learning each day to be a little more patient with them, loving in my response💛, purposeful with my time, answering all of their repetitive questions😅, and showing them just how BIG our God is and how much he cares for them. I love you, Gideon and Evelyn.❤️” 

Some fans love the post and think that she’s a wonderful mother. However, others are pointing out that the family isn’t paying attention to basic construction site safety guidelines.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

One-Year-Old Evelyn Goes Barefoot At Construction Site

In the photos Joy-Anna shared, Evelyn isn’t wearing shoes. In a couple of the photos, Joy-Anna is holding her daughter, so her feet aren’t on the ground. But in one picture, Gideon and Evelyn on sitting on a stoop together. So, the little girl’s bare feet are just inches from the ground. Fans are worried that the toddler will step on a nail, rocks, or something else without shoes on and hurt herself.

One fan writes, “I hope you aren’t letting her run around on a job site with no shoes. She’ll get a nail through her tiny little foot.”

Another fan argues that Joy-Anna probably knows this, however, others chime in saying that she wouldn’t let Evelyn be barefoot if she actually knew better. Others are worried the baby will end up with tetanus.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

Joy-Anna Forsyth Called Out For Her Own Shoe Choice, Too

Also in the comments section of her post, fans are pointing out that Joy-Anna’s shoes aren’t appropriate for a work site. In the photos, it’s difficult to see her shoes, but it looks like she’s wearing sandals, so her feet are almost completely exposed. One fan writes, “You should wear more safer shoes on a job site with nails and such be careful and choose something safer please!!!”

So, do you think it’s unsafe for Evelyn to be barefoot at the construction site? Do you think Joy-Anna Forsyth realizes this or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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