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Kanye West Claims America Doesn’t Want Kim Kardashian Practicing Law

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Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) made his second appearance on N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” podcast on Thursday, and once again dropped some bombshells. During this particular appearance, he said he believed there were people who were invested in making sure Kim Kardashian didn’t become a lawyer because of the influence she has on young women.

It appears to some degree that Ye’s new approach is to shock people with news about his wife (ex-wife?) Previously he claimed that even while the KUWTK alum said she is single and ready to mingle, that’s not entirely true. Mainly because Ye claimed his wife never sent him any divorce papers around.

This time around, he’s giving his opinion about her potential career.

The 44-year-old artist began his appearance on the podcast by discussing his attempts to aid the legal case of the former gang leader Larry Hoover. Hoover is currently serving a life sentence in prison for murder. From there, Ye moved onto the main topic at hand. He talked about Kim Kardashian’s desire to become a certified lawyer.

Kim Kardashian Being Held Back?

“I feel like there are people who might not want her to become a lawyer,” he explained. “Because you know what happens when Kim Kardashian becomes a lawyer? That shirt gets a little bit higher.”

He went on to further lay out his vision based on her sex appeal.

“The cleavage gets a little more covered up,” Ye added. “It’s 14-year-old girls, 17-year-old girls that are posing a little bit they want to become a lawyer.”

If it was a bit hard to tell exactly what the performer meant, he went into more detail.

Kim Kardashian
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In that detail, he talked about how some girls look up to her.

“She affects people in that way,” he said. “And there’s people who don’t want her to affect women in that way. They want her to affect them in that other way.”

Bad Training?

Ye also suggested that some of the lawyers that Kardashian trained with during parts of her legal education negatively affected her performance in exams.

“My wife was in a session with the lawyer that was training her, and the lawyer started making bad suggestions, and I was like, ‘Man, this dude is an idiot.’ They’ve got an idiot teaching my wife. She gon’ fail the bar a third time,” he told the podcast.

It wasn’t clear if he believed that was intentional, or just a lawyer who was “an idiot.”

“They can put a lawyer who gives you all the right things and just enough wrong things that you just missed your test by this much,” he continued. “You’ll get ’em next time.”

Kim Kardashian has explained a couple of times that she’s fallen short of passing the bar. She continues to try to become a lawyer even with those failures.

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