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Jessa Seewald Tops Hammer With Even More Dangerous Birthday Gift

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Last year, when Jessa Seewald‘s son Spurgeon turned five, she gave him a hammer as one of his gifts. Now, she’s stepped it up and given him something even more dangerous on his sixth birthday. Read on to find out what Spurgeon received and what everyone thinks of the present for the young boy.

Jessa Seewald Reveals Spurgeon’s Sixth Birthday Gifts

Last year, when celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday, Jessa shared a video as he unwrapped a hammer. She received some backlash from those who think a hammer isn’t a good gift for a five-year-old. Fans weren’t only worried about Spurgeon’s safety. Fans were concerned that Spurgeon’s little siblings would get a hold of the hammer and potentially hurt themselves too.

Jessa Seewald YouTube

In a new YouTube video, Jessa showed fans what happened during Spurgeon’s birthday week. In their home, the Seewalds give their kids a birthday gift every day for the week leading up to their birthdays. The young boy excitedly opened up roller skates, a bible, a watch, a kite, and more. The one gift, in particular, that caught viewers’ attention is a Swiss Army Knife.

Jessa Seewald YouTube

Duggar Snarks Appalled By This Year’s Gift

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are discussing Spurgeon’s Swiss Army knife. They don’t think it’s appropriate for a six-year-old, especially one who has three younger siblings at home. One user writes, “I think there a bunch of more age appropriate gifts. When you Google ‘Best gifts for a six year old’ knives of any type are nowhere in the mix.”

Someone else asked, “A six year old needs a army knife?”

In the comments section of Jessa’s YouTube video, a few fans shared similar sentiments. Some of them didn’t allow their kids to have Swiss Army knives until they turned 10.

However, some users are arguing that it is difficult to hurt yourself with a Swiss Army knife. Others point out that this may be a normal gift for young boys in the Duggar family, so Jessa may not know any different.

Jessa Seewald YouTube

So, do you think a Swiss Army knife is an appropriate gift for a six-year-old? Do you think the Seewalds should have waited to give it to Spurgeon when he’s a little bit older? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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You can watch Spurgeon’s birthday video here.

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  1. Why don’t you people leave these folks alone and let them raise their children! I think they are excellent parents and roll models for their four little ones. I now know what Jesus meant when he said to clean your own cup and platter. Maybe you all ought to look at yourselves, before you criticize someone else! Not sure about you all, but there was only one person, I know of, in the world, who was perfect!

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