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‘MAFS’ Spoilers: Shocking Information Surfaces About Brett & Ryan

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MAFS fans have seen a crazy season playing out on screen. However, it also appears that there is much more going on off-screen. First, there are rumors flying about Bao and another cast member. Then, fans saw Brett confront Ryan about downloading a dating app. However, it seems there is allegedly more information surfacing about this couple that may shock many fans. Keep reading to find out more about the information that has come out.

Shocking information surfaces about MAFS Ryan and Brett

New shocking information is coming about Married at First Sight couple Ryan and Brett. Decision day is airing Wednesday night and fans will finally have confirmation on who stays together and who leaves. It seems pretty clear that Ryan and Brett will choose to go their separate ways. This is especially true after Brett confronted Ryan last week about downloading a dating app.

She said a friend texted her about it. Brett also revealed that Ryan had reportedly matched with someone on the app. Now, the MAFSfan Instagram account has shared some very interesting information that definitely proves that things aren’t always what they seem.

Brett and Ryan MAFS via YouTube
Brett and Ryan MAFS via YouTube

Remember, this is all alleged information and solid proof has not yet surfaced. However, it seems Ryan isn’t the only one with secrets. Word on the street is that Brett is actually in another relationship. In fact, she allegedly has been in this new relationship throughout half of the marriage experiment.

When did this happen?

It’s being reported that Brett met and began dating this new man just before the couple’s retreat happened. It happened just after the one-month anniversary. In fact, she started dating her new man the first weekend of April. The fan site also reveals that on the show Brett reportedly stayed out one night until after 2 AM. This reportedly actually happened more than once.

The site also pointed out that if fans pay close attention they can see a change in how Brett acts before the retreat and after. It’s reportedly like she developed an attitude of not really caring about trying to salvage her relationship with Ryan at all.

Many are wondering now how Brett could be so upset with Ryan when basically she was cheating before he was. Plus, her situation was never brought up on the show.

What will happen tonight and be revealed on decision day? Fans won’t want to miss this explosive episode of MAFS.


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