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Stonehenge: Land of the Dead on Science Channel will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about Stonehenge. This fascinating and odd structure has many experts debating why it exists and how these mysterious people moved such enormous stones.

The network announces a new two-hour special airing soon on the recent discovery in the Stonehenge landscape – a giant ring 20 times the size of Stonehenge.

Each year over a million people from around the world travel to Wiltshire, England, to see Stonehenge, the most recognizable prehistoric monument in Europe, and to experience its strange presence.

There’s more to Stonehenge: Land of the Dead as we learn as Science Channel sent TV Shows Ace an exclusive preview ahead of the air date, November 28. Specifically, it was the latest discovery made just miles away from the Stonehenge structure.

Archaeologists have happened on a massive find, a revealed ring even more ground-breaking in scope. This prehistoric monument is estimated to be twenty times bigger than Stonehenge.

About Stonehenge: Land of the Dead on Science Channel

Stonehenge: Land of the Dead will air on Sunday, November 28, on Science Channel. This event will allow viewers to see and hear the cutting-edge technology experts available to uncover a previously unknown underground ring.

A wholly new archaeological find for these scientists unraveling the other secrets of Stonehenge as they reevaluate the common understanding of the existing monument.

Engineer Rob Bell investigates with fellow experts as their work and findings completely change the status quo of what we might have thought about the entire Stonehenge landscape, as well as the Neolithic people who created it.

Bell and his team put the pieces together, all the evidence retrieved with scientists and archaeologists who now can reveal a giant ring twenty times the size of Stonehenge, completely hidden from sight previously. It is estimated to be over 4,000 years old.

Stonehenge today

Did you know that the large vertical and arch stones are called sarsen, a type of sandstone that averages 25 tons? The smaller rocks are called bluestones, and the giant three-piece arches are called trilithons. Generations of scientists and experts have spent their lives studying Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the motivation behind the monument’s construction is still not fully understood.

These new findings into the enigmatic landscape surrounding Stonehenge may unlock the past.  And just two miles east of Stonehenge, a team of archaeologists—led by world-renowned landscape archaeologist Vince Gaffney—uses advanced technology to investigate a ring of underground anomalies.

Many questions remain as they sort just how humans could have made this, or could something else have created the most significant prehistoric monument of its kind in the world?

World-renowned Stonehenge expert and archaeologist Susan Greaney shed light on how and why the Neolithic people may have created this distinct monument.

Her input gives insight into the whys and hows that the discovery is redefining historians’ initial hypotheses. In addition, this special gives viewers an up-close look at the archaeological landscape surrounding Stonehenge like never before.

Rewriting and updating history, this new perspective paints a different picture of the Neolithic society that inhabited the area and built the monument thousands of years ago.

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‘STONEHENGE: LAND OF THE DEAD’ Premieres Sunday, November 28 at 8 PM ET/PT on Science Channel

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