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‘Married At First Sight’ Fans Crucify Johnny Ahead Of Decision Day

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Married at First Sight fans are not loving Johnny Lam after having rooted for him and Bao at the beginning of the season. In fact, they downright crucified him ahead of decision day. Plus, it’s not just fans who are seemingly against Johnny. His friends are also appearing to take Bao’s side in their relationship troubles. What is everyone saying about Johnny?

Married at First Sight decision day is coming, things don’t look good for Johnny

Married at First Sight fans have not had great things to say about Johnny Lam. In fact, many are saying he is toxic. Meaww shared more details about what fans and even friends had to say about Johnny. Remember, Johnny and Bao had technically knew each other before the show. So, fans thought perhaps these two were meant to be. As of now, it really doesn’t appear so.

Bao tried to make their new marriage work. However, it seemed Johnny was blaming her for every problem they encountered along the way.


Fans saw Johnny sit down with some friends this week and discuss everything going on with Bao. He hoped they would take his side. They didn’t. Johnny told them he felt Bao was changing him. His friends said that perhaps she was changing him for the better. They noted that things wouldn’t necessarily always be bad between them.

Johnny even spoke with Sarah who is also one of Bao’s best friends. Then, after their conversation, things got even worse between Johnny and Bao. Plus, it doesn’t help that Sarah basically shot down her bestie saying that Bao tends to break people down and build them back up to what she wants.

Johnny mafs via YouTube
Johnny mafs via YouTube

Fans crucify Johnny ahead of decision day

Fans didn’t like that Johnny turned to Sarah on Married at First Sight. However, he defended his decision saying he was friends with Sarah too. He said, “First of all, I want to clarify. Sarah is also my friend. Sarah and I went to the same high school, went to the same college. We have the same group of friends.” He continued, “I’ve actually kept in touch more with Sarah over the past 15 years than I have with Bao.”

This didn’t stop fans from voicing their opinion. One fan went to Twitter to say, “Don’t we need to get this backstabber Sarah on camera?? WTH. Oh, yeah I forgot Bao gets EXCITED….definitely annoying. Johnny is lame AF #MAFS”

Fans continued to bash Johnny on Twitter. Another said, “Johnny is real life Marvel villain. He and Thanos give me the same pit in my stomach when they hit the screen.#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS”

Yet another fan said, “Johnny is a stone cold jerk! Run, Bao! Don’t be trapped with that judgmental, whiny pisher. Everything will be your fault – even when it clearly isn’t.”

Johnny’s friends also admitted that he has a checklist that nobody will ever live up to. A fan responded to this saying, “Even Johnny’s friend knows he’s the problem, not Bao. Amazing. She doesn’t have to be there to defend herself cause Johnny is that damn toxic. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafsHouston.”

What do you think will happen on decision day? It’s clear most fans think they are headed for a split.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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