Dustin’s Widow Maker: Exclusive Preview Of ‘Gold Rush: White Water’

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On Discovery tonight, Gold Rush: White Water is back. They don’t just call Alaska’s remote Chilkat Mountains one of the most challenging and unforgiving mining operations on the planet for fun.

Miners and father and son duo Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are back in action up in Alaska. Their method of mining is not moving dirt like their peers on Gold Rush, it’s more like diving for treasure in steep ravines while the water swirls and rages at 75 miles an hour all around them. Plus the freezing cold water guarantees hypothermia if you are not suited up correctly.

Their highwire act to get gold is not for the timid, not for the unfit, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

TV Shows Ace has a great exclusive ahead of the episode tonight that sees Dustin Hurt take the biggest gamble of his life.

But will the effort of doubling his crew actually double the reward? Or will it double the danger?

Dustin on Gold Rush: White Water

Last year the crew found their best gold ever. Now, winter has come to an end. The Chilkat Mountain got more snow than ever.

In the preview below, the biggest widowmaker boulder needs to be removed, but it’s wedged in the mud in the hillside. Carlos Minor and Dustin Hurt strategize on how to blast the boulder to remove the danger.

They plant explosives under the rock and plan to shoot it from a distance.

But as you can see in the clip below, things don’t always go to plan. Dustin tries several times and the explosive does not detonate. Until it does. Then the entire crew celebrates as at least one danger is mitigated for the day’s work ahead.

About Gold Rush: White Water

This time, their lives are really on the line. A father and son crew work in a deadly Alaskan wilderness. Their mission is to recover millions in gold.

McKinley Creek in Alaska is ground zero where Fred and Dustin have set their sites on to mine.

Fred Hurt has been hunting for gold here for over ten years. Prior to that, he mined with Todd Hoffman. Fred took over Todd’s mine and brought in his son Dustin, who was then a greenhorn.  In this season, Fred is stepping back from running a crew.

But for four seasons prior, they mined a massive pit with conventional techniques. They scored near a million in gold.  They have spent the last four seasons using a suction dredge and mining the white water ravines of McKinley Creek.

This place is considered one of the deadliest mining spots in the world based on the velocity of the water that is unpredictable. A series of glaciers erodes gold and the meltwater traveling down to the creek carried the gold. The lower parts of McKinley are mined out, but the tricky ravine higher up is still game for gold.

Now into season 5, the Hurts show no sign of giving up.

Gold Rush: White Water, premieres November 5 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery and discovery+

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