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‘Bringing Up Bates’: Michaela Shares Sad Update As Fans Ask If She’s Pregnant

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For years, Bringing Up Bates stars Michaela and Brandon Keilen have been hoping to grow their family. As they have navigated fertility struggles, the couple has been open with fans and talked about their journey on their family’s show.

Recently, fans flooded Michaela’s comments section on Instagram with questions about whether she’s pregnant. For some reason, some of her followers seem to think she’s pregnant, despite her never making an official announcement. So, how did the Bringing Up Bates star respond?

Brandon and Michaela Keilen Instagram
Brandon and Michaela Keilen Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans wonder if Michaela is pregnant.

Michaela is very close with her siblings, nieces, and nephews. Recently, Chad and Erin Paine’s four children stayed with her for a weekend. At Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes’ wedding, Michaela spent lots of quality time with her nieces and nephews, too.

In the comments sections of these recent photos, many fans are making comments about Michaela becoming a mother and asking if she’s pregnant.

Brandon and Michaela Keilen Instagram
Brandon and Michaela Keilen Instagram

Others are simply commenting that they hope Brandon and Michaela get to have their own family soon. In response to some of these comments, Michaela simply wrote, “I am not pregnant.”

It’s safe to assume that Michaela and Brandon will announce a pregnancy, adoption, or another addition to their family if the time is right. For now, they are not expecting.

Fans feel heartbroken over her new response and constant questions.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans are discussing fans’ decision to ask this question over and over again. They don’t think it’s appropriate, especially because Michaela and Brandon have been open about their fertility struggles. One fan writes, “It must be so hard not being able to post any photos without people having to point out the fact that you can’t have children or speculate that you’re pregnant.”

Someone says, “I just don’t understand people writing something like that on someone they don’t know and knowing full well she is having fertility issues. Good lord, people suck.”

Fans are also applauding Michaela for maintaining a patient attitude while responding to her followers’ questions. One fan writes, “idk how she patiently replies to all these fans constantly asking if she’s pregnant because I would have snapped on someone by now.”

So, are you sad to see Michaela’s response to Bringing Up Bates fans’ questions? Do you think it’s appropriate for people to leave these comments on her page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I think it is insensitive to ask. Not just in Michaela’s situation but with all people unless you have a relationship with them where they wouldn’t be offended e.g. by the fertility Doctor or a family member/friend who Michaela or Brandon have been confiding in about the situation. It is a question that has seemed ok to ask for so many years that in most cases people don’t realise that it can be insensitive so we need to kindly educate those who need to be updated.

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