‘Outdaughtered’ Stars Put Own Spin On Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner. This is the time of year when families with young children all over the country prepare for the ghosts and goblins to come trick or treating. It’s no different for the Outdaughtered clan.

Adam and Danielle Busby and the rest of their family have a slightly different spin on getting ready for the holiday though. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Considering how big their family is, they’re always having to find new ways to make sure the kids are entertained.

There’s also something to be said for that different spin for very young kids. When it comes to decorating pumpkins, the Busby children want to be able to do it themselves. Adam and Danielle want to be able to allow the kids to decorate, without holding a bunch of knives. The entire clan seems to have found a way to celebrate where everyone is happy.

Outdaughtered Stars Getting Ready

Instead of cutting into pumpkins and carving them, Adam showed what the Busby gang does to get ready for Halloween.

He took to Instagram on Sunday showing off his young daughters painting the pumpkins instead. To be clear, this isn’t something that no one else does. However, it does seem as though this is a kind of activity that is absolutely suited for a family that likes to do things their own way.

Adam Busby/Instagram

Alongside an Instagram post of some of the kids decorating their pumpkins however they want, Adam posted a caption where he also was clearly enjoying the night and watching his kids enjoy themselves.

Adam Busby/Instagram

“Painting pumpkins in the driveway,” he wrote. “It was such a beautiful evening!”

While he was certainly enjoying himself, Outdaughtered fans certainly enjoyed seeing the kids doing several activities.

Fans Join In The Fun

Most of the fans who did comment had nothing but positive things to say. Several of the fans simply tried to figure out just which girls were in the photo.

Others simply told Adam that they absolutely loved them and loved seeing them. This is a bit of a change to what some fans had been saying earlier in the week about the Busby’s choices.

Fan Backlash

While Outdaughtered fans seem to have loved that Adam and Danielle are having the kids paint pumpkins for Halloween, it was just a few days ago that the followers were unhappy with what the parents picked as a pastime.

When Danielle showed that the girls were playing with the LOL Surprise Movie Magic toy set, several followers had some problems with it.

LOL Dolls can bring quite a bit of controversy because of what happens when they have water run over them. Because of that, the Outdaughtered fans were a bit shocked that was their toy of choice. As is usually the case with this kind of controversy, it seems to have blown over quickly.

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