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Lindsie Chrisley Gives Advice On Ditching Toxic Relationships

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Recently, Lindsie Chrisley opens up her Instagram Stories for fans. Todd Chrisley’s estranged daughter is asking fans how she can pray for them this week. Keep reading to find out about this and more.

Lindsie Chrisley Gives Advice On Ditching Toxic Relationships

After Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter asks fans how she can pray for them, she gets the following in response.

“That I don’t go back to my toxic ex and I have the strength to let him go already.”

Lindsie Chrisley advice
YouTube Coffee Convos Podcast

In response, the Coffee and Convos podcast co-host begins by letting the fan know that she is praying for them. Then, Lindsie recognizes that “it’s hard to break cycles that become your natural.”

After that, Lindsie Chrisley gives some advice. She tells the fan that if “it’s not good for you – focus your energy else where [sic].” Some tips the influencer has for refocusing energy include keeping busy, doing things that bring you joy, and continually praying about it.

Lindsie Chrisley advice
Instagram Lindsie Chrisley

Why Is Lindsie Estranged From The Rest Of Her Family

Unfortunately, it seems that Lindsie Chrisley may be speaking from experience. Lindsie has been estranged from the rest of her family for several years now.  The drama between Todd and Lindsie Chrisley appears to have started back in 2017. It was thought that Lindsie was the one that turned Todd and Lindsie in for alleged tax evasion.

After that, Lindsie goes on to claim that her father and brother, Chase, blackmailed her with an alleged sex tape. Todd and Chase Chrisley both deny those claims.

Is Julie To Blame

In a 2019 episode of The Dr. Phil Show, Lindsie Chrisley also admits to an altercation between her and Julie. Ultimately, the podcast host goes on to say that being around the Chrisleys was “volatile.”

This isn’t the first time that Julie Chrisley is in the drama between Todd and his daughter. As TV Shows Ace previously reports, Lindsie Chrisley blames Julie for not having a relationship with her father. Over the summer, the former reality television star shares a TikTok that she found relatable. Over the video, she writes, “HOLLERINNN’.” More writing on the post reveals that the message is to “the lady that turned my dad into a different man.”

Do you think Lindsie Chrisley is offering this fan advice from personal experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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