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Clare Crawley Spotted On Flight With Mystery Man – Is It Dale?

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Clare Crawley was spotted with a mystery man over the weekend. Now Bachelorette fans are wondering if she gave Dale Moss another chance. Stay on this page to see the photos and decide for yourself who she’s been hanging out with.

Bachelorette alum confirms split from fiance

Rumors of a break-up between Season 16 couple Dale Moss and Clare Crawley started circulating in September. Clare fueled the rumors by tagging Abigail Heringer in a post shading Dale. Fans have been wondering ever since how Heringer was connected to the Bachelorette stars.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

Clare has remained silent on that part of the break-up. However, she recently confirmed to Jana Kramer that her relationship with Dale is over. After implying it wasn’t her choice, Crawley also alluded to having “receipts” of his wrong-doing. She called his behavior “icky.”

So, it seems Clare and Dale are done. Or are they? A new photo sparked new questions about the status of their relationship.

Clare Crawley spotted with mystery man – did she give Dale another chance?

This latest break-up isn’t the first in Clare and Dale’s tumultuous relationship. They previously broke up in January, though they reconciled a few months later. 

Over the weekend, gossip blogger @deuxmoi received a photo tip allegedly of Clare and Dale on a flight to Kentucky. The photo only shows the back of their heads.

With the split in mind, Bachelor Nation fans immediately poured over the photo for clues as to whether it was Dale in the photo. Instagram fan account @bachelornation.scoop reshared the photo asking followers, “Is this really Dale?” 

Credit: @deuxmoi @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
Credit: @deuxmoi @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

What do the fans think?

Fans vote – do they think that’s her ex in the photos?

Instagram users had a lot of thoughts about the mystery man in the photo. @bachelornation.scoop shared one DM they received with the follower pointing out that the mystery man doesn’t look tall enough to be Dale Moss.

The fan account then took it to the polls. Is it him or is it not him? Over 90% of voters didn’t think the man in the photo was Dale Moss.

Credit: @deuxmoi @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
Credit: @deuxmoi @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Last week Clare Crawley was photographed at a baseball game on the west coast with someone who definitely wasn’t Dale. Comparing the photos, that man may be the same as the mystery man on the flight with her.

@deuxmoi shared an update about the photo. Another follower sent them a message saying they also saw Clare and the man on the flight. However, they were both wearing masks, making it impossible to tell if it was really Dale or not.

Credit: @deuxmoi/Instagram
Credit: @deuxmoi/Instagram

Who do you think is the mystery man with Clare Crawley on the flight? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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