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‘The Bachelorette’: Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes Face Uncertain Future?

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Katie Thurston admits she has an uncertain future with Blake Moynes. What does the The Bachelorette Season 17 star mean? Is she giving up on their relationship?

Blake Moynes proposed to Katie during season finale

After unsuccessfully pursuing a relationship with Matt James on The Bachelor, Katie Thurston got another chance to find love. She was named the lead for Season 17 of The Bachelorette.

Blake Moynes wasn’t among the season’s original suitors, but he’s familiar to viewers. The Canadian native previously appeared on Season 16, pursuing Clare Crawley and then Tayshia Adams.

He persuaded Katie Thurston to give him his third shot at love on the franchise, joining the show weeks into filming. It was a risk that paid off for both of them.

During the season finale, Blake Moynes dropped to one knee to propose to Katie. She said yes, but has their relationship fizzled out?

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube

Katie Thurston admits to uncertain future with Blake Moynes

As with most Bachelor Nation couples, dating in the real world is difficult compared to dating in the bubble of the show. Katie Thurston admits that they are still “figuring it out.”

She spoke to Us Weekly on Friday, October 22, ahead of her stand-up comedy debut. The brunette was the opening act on one of Whitney Cummings’ tour stop in Anaheim, California.

Before joining The Bachelor, Katie Thurston had already made a name for herself on TikTok with her humorous stories about dating and life in general. One of her NSFW stories involved getting intimate with a ghost.

The Season 17 Bachelorette alum also spoke about the uncertainty in her relationship with Moynes.

“We don’t know. This is very new to us still. I’m just focusing on myself, he’s focusing on him, and if we work doing that, great.” – Katie Thurston, Us Weekly.

Does that sound like trouble in paradise?

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube

Is long-distance wearing on them?

One thing that may be wearing on Katie and Blake’s relationship is the distance. Katie recently moved from Washington state to San Diego, California. Blake Moynes is based in Canada, but has been in Africa for a few weeks for his wildlife management job.

Thurston revealed to Us Weekly that she was flying to Canada the morning after her comedy club appearance to reunite with Moynes.

Both Bachelor Nation stars are uncharacteristically silent on social media, so perhaps the reunion is going well?

Do you think Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have an uncertain future? Are they just “winging it” like Katie says? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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