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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Star Wants God To Step In After Breaking Trust

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Lydia Plath turned to a higher power for guidance on Tuesday’s upcoming episode of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville.

At the heart of the issue is that her parents Kim and Barry discovered Lydia has continued reaching out to her “special friend.”  The issue is that she had previously agreed to to stop talking to that person.

In the preview clip that is exclusive to People, the parents summon the teen. She had actually just recently gained access to a cell phone. In the chat, it becomes clear that the Welcome to Plathville stars are having some doubts creep in as to whether that was a good idea.

The trio appear to have a serious chat. After the talk, the young woman is clearly distraught.  Having disappointed her parents,  Lydia decided to reflect and ask for guidance through prayer.

During the clip, the teen clearly gets emotional as she takes a walk through the woods.

“Whenever I need guidance in life, I turn to the Holy Spirit,” she said in a confessional. “Yesterday, my parents found out that I had been texting my friend when I told them that if I did, I would tell them. But I didn’t.”

“I’ve broken their trust,” she continued. “I’m probably disappointed more with myself than they are.”

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome To Plathville Star Asks For Help

Lydia then told the cameras that she feels she needs “some time by myself” alongside God. She then continued on her walk and starts speaking to God. While she’s did her version of praying as she walks, she said she needs “direction.”

Walking through a field, Lydia began to cry and admits to herself that she feels she’s been “selfish” for hiding her actions from her parents. She then decided that she’s going to leave it up to God to try and “take control.”

It appears this is her way of trying to get back on what she sees as the right path. One thing that is apparent in the clip is that she’s quite upset she’s worried her parents.

Lydia Sings Her Troubles Away

After walking and crying for a bit longer, the Welcome to Plathville star began to sing. Lydia then told the camera that this is a common way in which she deals with her problems.

“I use music to sing to God, and when I want to just show him my heart,” she then said in another confessional. “And now, I think I might finally be waking up to what the Holy Spirit’s been trying to tell me for months.”

She said she’s finally coming to the realization that the relationship with her special friend might not be what’s best for her. Just how she resolves that issue will likely be shown in the upcoming episode of Welcome to Plathville.

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