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‘Mythic Quest’ Officially Gets Two More Seasons

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There was a time when Mythic Quest fans wondered if the most recent season’s finale, was actually the series finale. It turns out the Apple TV+ original show got a new life. in fact, it got quite a bit of new life. Apple TV announced earlier this week that the show has been renewed for at least two more seasons.

As a way to really celebrate the news with the series’ fans, Mythic Quest creator Rob McElhenney brought in Sir Anthony Hopkins (who guest-starred in a special episode earlier this year) and Jason Sudeikis from Apple TV’s Ted Lasso to announce the news in a Twitter video on Thursday.

McElhenney stars in the show as Ian Grimm. Grimm is the creative director of a games studio preparing a major expansion to the MMORPG it makes.

Charlotte Nicdao is Poppy Grimm’s sometimes rival, sometimes friend. She is also the studio’s lead engineer. The two often butt heads with one another and have led to some of the more beloved moments in Mythic Quest‘s first two seasons.

Other main characters in the show who are slated to return are Danny Pudi who plays Brad, the head of monetization at the studio, while head writer C.W. Longbottom is portrayed by F. Murray Abraham.

Mythic Quest Dealt With Real Life Development Problems

Mythic Quest
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While the show is obviously one that puts a funny spin on video game development, it’s also a way for gamers to get a kind of look into that world. Issues like meeting deadlines and making sure that a game is staying plenty profitable have been front and center in both of the first two seasons.

Mythic Quest even touched on what it was like to do this kind of work during a global pandemic. One special episode showed how the team members were dealing with trying to work from home. It also centered on just how hard it is for some people who live alone to deal with having to constantly stay away from one another.

The special episode even touched on a character having a very hard time dealing. Poppy was shown having not really taken a shower or cleaned up. Towards the end of the show, she can be seen breaking down into tears when talking about how hard it’s been.

The second season saw the gang go back to work in the office and touched on everything needed to try and get back to normal.

When Will Season 3 Arrive

While Season 3 and Season 4 of Mythic Quest are now going to be arriving at some point, there isn’t an official launch day for the next installment. Season 3 is expected to go into development later this year and could officially air in late 2022.

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