Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’: Is There A Season 2?

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Now that Invasion Season 1 has officially landed on Apple TV+, there are some who are wondering just how long the series might run. That means there are some who are questioning just when Season 2 of the original program might officially land. The good news is, there’s a pretty solid answer to that question.

What Is Invasion?

Apple TV+ has been working hard to get more original programming on the streaming service. Interestingly enough, quite a few of those entries in the last few months have been of the science-fiction variety.

The key when it comes to shows like this one is that they need to also have an original take on a well-known trope.

As the title suggests, Invasion is about some kind of hostile alien attack on the planet earth. However, this isn’t like an Independence Day type attack where the enemy force comes and takes out half the planet in one fell swoop.

In this particular series, things start off quite slowly. Odd things start to happen to people in different parts of the world. At least for the first few episodes, it’s entirely a mystery to everyone on screen as to exactly what is happening.

Two things seem to happen in every place where there is an attack. The first is that young children all get nosebleeds and seem to hear things. Then massive explosions rock the area leaving death and destruction but little answers.

In one episode, the International Space Station and several other shuttles are destroyed. While those on board see “something” it’s never explained just what, before they are killed quite quickly.

The series also doesn’t simply focus on the aliens that appear to be coming to take over the world. There are some family dramas and deep dives into the human condition. That includes one particular family that is very much in turmoil while also having to deal with a world that is in turmoil after the series of attacks.

Apple TV Renewing Season 2?

So far, Invasion Season 1 has released three episodes that can all be viewed as once. Unlike Netflix, this series is not one that can be binged from beginning to end. Instead, Apple TV+ has taken an approach that was made popular by Hulu. That means that viewers get a big chunk of the series at once, then will have to wait every week (this one hits on Fridays) in order to see more episodes.

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While Season 1 of Invasion is set to run for 10 episodes, the streaming service is showing some dedication to a series that is definitely a slow burn. It appears Apple TV+ wants to make sure it can continue to do it that way.

Season 2 of Invasion is coming. It’s already been announced. While there isn’t an official date, it’s expected to land around the same time of year as Season 1, but in 2022. Fans can expect to see the second season in October of next year.

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  1. That would be a colossal waste of money. What an awful show. I feel violated for the time spent watching it (first 3 episodes).
    This is not a sci fi show about an alien invasion, it’s a slow moving soap designed to put you in a coma and wish for oblivion.

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