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‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd Regrets Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd recently said she “regrets” getting the COVID-19 vaccine because she “already had the antibodies” and thinks that means she is “unlikely to get COVID again,” she explained to Page Six.

She also took to social media to underline her regrets about getting the vaccine. In doing so, she blasted those who seem to think that getting the vaccine is the right thing to do. On Tuesday, she said that she regretted got the vaccine, while posting a meme that, among other things calls people who get the vaccine “sheeple.”

This is hardly the first time the reality star has come out against popular opinion in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. She and her husband Rick host a podcast clearly aimed at making sure people know that she’s not following guidelines.

In recent comments to Page Six, The Rick & Kelly UNMASKED podcast host expressed that “no one should be forced” to get the vaccine. She also referred to the COVID-19 vaccine as a “potentially deadly jab.”

Dodd’s statement to the publication said, “I already had the virus so I already had antibodies. I was protected and unlikely to get Covid again but got the vaccine because of travel restrictions. It made life a lot easier since I could show the card and not have to keep getting tested, but if the government would’ve allowed an antibody card I never would’ve gotten the shot.”

Kelly Dodd
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Kelly Dodd Comes Out Against Vaccines

She continued her statement to the publication by saying she’d heard of a couple of people who had negative reactions to the vaccine. She’s now worried she could become one of those people.

“Now I personally know of at least two otherwise healthy people who died of blood clots after getting the vaccine and three others who developed Bells Palsy,” she wrote. “Another friend of mine who was fine before she got jabbed got Myocarditis and almost died.” Kelly Dodd went on to say that this friend, “is still really suffering and she only got the vax because her employer required it.”

Science Not A Strong Point

While statistics show that it’s highly unlikely that Kelly Dodd doesn’t personally know five people who suffered negative reactions to the vaccine, that isn’t deterring her from claiming so.

While a harsh reaction has happened, it’s less than one percent of those who have been vaccinated. That makes the Real Housewives of Orange County alum‘s friends particularly unlucky. If her story is true.

“If people want to get this experimental vaccine that we now know only lasts a few months and doesn’t keep you from catching or spreading Covid, go get it,” she continued. But no one should be forced to do it”

Finally, Kelly Dodd showed a lack of understanding of vaccines and viruses in general.

“If it’s so effective than [sic] the people who get it shouldn’t be worried about people who don’t.”

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