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Jana Duggar Trapped? Fans Suspect Jim Bob Won’t Allow Marriage

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A new theory has emerged suggesting Jana Duggar might be trapped in her parents’ home. According to Entertainment Chronicle, some fans now believe Jim Bob Duggar never intended for Jana to get married.

Is Jana Duggar trapped in her parents’ home?

Jana Duggar is a member of the former TLC family that people are especially obsessed with. Many believed Jana simply wasn’t interested in men and shot down every courtship opportunity because she was a lesbian. As we previously reported, one more recent theory was that Jana simply doesn’t want to have children. So, she’s waiting until later in life to get married so she doesn’t have to have them.

As far as fans know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s rules are pretty simple. Their children continue to live at home until they get married. There have been rumors and speculations of Jana courting. But, nothing has been confirmed in a pretty long time. Despite her age, fans of the family feel that Jana is trapped in her mother and father’s home until she gets married.

Jessa Seewald Instagram (Jana Duggar)
Jessa Seewald Instagram

Jim Bob Duggar may have never wanted her to get married

A new theory on Reddit suggests Jim Bob and Michelle may have never intended for Jana to get married and have children. Unfortunately, it has always been Jana’s role to assist in taking care of the children in the house. Fans assume that Jana continues to help with grandchildren that come to visit grandma Michelle.

According to the chatter on Reddit, many now believe Jim Bob and Michelle never wanted Jana to marry. After being a caretaker to her siblings and their children for years… Fans believe Jana is being groomed to be the character of her parents when they become too old or sick to care for themselves. These fans on Reddit argue it would make sense for them to groom one of their children to care for them when they are old.

Jana Duggar Instagram (Stephen Wissmann)
Jana Duggar Instagram

Unfortunately, this new theory would also confirm Jana Duggar is more or less trapped in her parents’ home until they pass away.

Is Jana Duggar trapped in her parents’ home? Did Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar never intend for their daughter to marry and leave the nest? Is she being groomed to care for them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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