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Debra Messing Rushes To Alec Baldwin’s Aid

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Debra Messing has come to Alec Baldwin’s defense after news of a tragic incident on the set of his new movie Rust.

While the details of the accident haven’t been released and there appears to still be some confusion as to just what happened, Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was injured Thursday after Baldwin -who is both the star and the producer of Rust – accidentally misfired a prop gun. He and the victims were on set at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set in New Mexico.

After local law enforcement carried out an initial investigation into just what happened, they determined that Hutchins, and Souza, were “shot when a prop firearm was discharged” by the famed actor.

While most of Hollywood and the country were reeling over the news of the accident. There were some who decided to take the time to blast the actor. In fact, some were very quick to blame him and act as though he was reckless or negligent and that was why people were hurt and killed. However, Alec Baldwin has been around the acting world for quite a while now and he has friends who are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It turns out that Debra Messing is one of those friends. She was quick to come to the actor’s aid on social media when critics started to blame him entirely without really having the full story.

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Alec Baldwin’s Defender

It appears that some of the people that came after the veteran actor were doing so because they did not like him personally. That certainly seemed to be the case when conservative commentator Benny Johnson saw the description of what had happened on the set of Rust.

Johnson tweeted that the “accurate” headline is “Alec Baldwin kills person with gun, criminal investigation underway.” That was when Debra Messing stepped in and tried to make sure people understood that this wasn’t a situation where the actor was necessarily in the wrong. It’s possible, in her eyes, that this was indeed a situation that couldn’t be avoided based on what went down on the movie set.

Debra Messing With The Rebuttal

“It is absolutely NOT. A prop gun was handed to him. He used it in the scene. Then- a catastrophic event happened where Halnya [sic] Hutchins lost her life and Joel Souza was injured. I am praying for all of their families,” wrote Messing.

For his part, Alec Baldwin was quick to take to Twitter himself and express his deep regret over what happened. This also isn’t the first time something like this has happened. One of the most famous incidents of this kind of tragic accident is when Brand Lee was killed on set.

Lee was filming a sequel to The Crow when a prop gun misfired and killed him. Unfortunately, Alec Baldwin understands how that could happen a little easier these days.

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