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Todd Chrisley Reveals The One Thing He Will Not Tolerate

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Todd Chrisley is very aware of the brands he wears. The patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best takes pride in what he and his family wear. One of the things he wanted to do early on in the season was open up his own department store. He’s not the only family member into fashion.

Savannah has her fashion brand and Chase Chrisley also has an eye for trends. Todd won’t deal with anyone talking about his clothes not being real. He had recently made another post about not caring about rumors. He said anyone who hears rumors about him can, “just hear them.” His children applauded him for not taking anyone talking about him.

Todd Chrisley| Instagram

What Did Todd Chrisley Say On Instagram

Todd Chrisley shared a post on his Instagram which is just text. It says, “I’m not clearing up no rumors unless they say I wear fake s***.” Fans love it when he shares something sassy. One said, “I literally can hear u saying this. I’m cracking up.”

Another said, “I absolutely love you and your family.”

A third fan said, “Why do people have to be so hateful! Some people are just jealous, and have nothing better to do!”

There are several rumors out there about the Chrisley family. Todd has been addressing them with Julie on their podcast Chrisley Confessions.  The below post shows he wants haters to know, he really doesn’t care what they say about him.

Todd Chrisley| Instagram

They Steal Clothes From Each Other

Todd Chrisley said on an early October episode of Chrisley Confessions that the family loves to steal clothes. He said Savannah will steal all the pajama bottoms he has and walk out of the house with them. Todd says he just has tops and Savannah will say she doesn’t steal them. He said when he helped her move she had twelve pairs of his pants.

Todd said, “Chase is a freaking clothes klepto.” Julie says she has to hear Todd complain about where his things are.

Todd said everyone knows, “I’ve been addicted to fashion since I was a child since I thought I was going to be on Dynasty.” He said he admits he’s a label wh***.” Todd said as he’s gotten older he’s more about comfort than fashion, but his clothes are still not going to be fake. He also said now, he hates a suit.

Both parents said Chase will steal all of Todd’s clothes and Grayson’s shoes. Todd also said even though he buys him and Grayson the same shoes Grayson will still end up with both pairs in his closet.

Are you surprised Todd doesn’t care about what people say about him? Comment with your thoughts below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

Don’t forget to the Chrisley’s have a new time. Tune in to USA Network Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30 c for a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best. 

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