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Netflix Movie ‘The Princess Switch 3’ Gets Name, Official Release Date

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Vanessa Hudgens is back with the third movie in the Netflix Princess Switched series. Netflix has finally revealed the name of this movie. The streaming network also revealed when they will drop it.

Are you getting ready to jump into the holiday season with the latest installment of everyone’s favorite switcheroo artist?

What Is The Name Of The Third Princess Switch Movie?

Netflix has finally announced the name of the third Princess Switched movie. It is called Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star. Netflix is dropping the third movie on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Who Is Starring In Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star?

Besides Vanessa Hudgens playing Queen Margaret, Stacy, and Fiona, who else is starring in the new Princess Switch 3 film? Nick Sager is back as Kevin, Sam Palladio as Prince Edward, and Alexa Adeosun as Olivia.

Remy Hill is also starring, playing Peter Maxwell. In addition, Will Kemp has joined the third movie, portraying Hunter Cunard.

Netflix Princess Switch-
Netflix Princess Switch-

What Is Princess Switch 3: About?

The basic storyline is “When a priceless Christmas relic is stolen, royal look-alike Margaret and Stacy turn to auctions doppelgänger Fiona–and her dashing ex–for help.”

Does this mean Vanessa could play a fourth character? According to an interview with Vanessa Hudgens with The Wrap, three is enough. “No, no, that’s just too outrageous. We’re already at max outrageous here with three characters, we’re just going to keep it at that.”

However, Vanessa has hinted that there is an exception she would consider. Although, she still insists that playing three characters is enough.

“And I would 100% lose my mind if I tried to add another me, even though it would probably be Scottish [and] I love that accent and it would be a great excuse to master the Scottish accent. But no, that’s not happening.”

Don’t Miss Netflix’s Love Hard

Like your holiday movies with a bit of a switch? Then make sure you catch Netflix’s new holiday movie Love Hard. This stars Nina Dobrev in her very first movie for the streamer. This is a catfish romcom.

According to Netflix, Love Hard tells the story of Los Angeles-based Natalie Bauer (Dobrev). She has been finding dates online. However, there are always issues.

Now, Natalie has figured out a way to make sure that she meets a solid guy. Using an app, again, she thinks she has met the right guy, Tag (Barnet). He is so perfect that she flies cross-country to surprise him over the holidays.

Unfortunately, she has been catfished! Josh (Yang) was the guy she was actually talking to. However, he knows Tag. Moreover, he promises he will introduce her to him. Now, it is up to her to make it work.

Netflix’s Love Hard Drops on Friday, November 5. Don’t Miss Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star. Netflix drops that on Thursday, November 18.


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