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Nikita Dragun Dead Update: Eerie Funeral Footage Surfaces

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Is transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun really dead? Finally, we have a bit of an update. It was just a week ago that the question of whether this fashionist and model had passed away surfaced. On all of her social media channels, she posted photos and videos that suggested she had passed away. The hashtag #RIPNikitaDragun also began to trend on Twitter. This trend included none other than Nikita herself tweeting it.

The YouTuber wiped her Instagram clean recently

Now, it is important to mention that if Nikita Dragun is actually dead… Someone else is managing her social media profiles. So, whoever is managing her Instagram account right now has recently wiped the account clean. Nikita had A LOT of posts and they are all gone. Moreover, her account has a creepy cartoon-style image that looks similar to Nikita as the profile picture. The character appears to be crying.

Nikita Dragun Instastories
Nikita Dragun Instastories

Not only has the account been wiped clean, but it has been a full week. Nikita has not posted on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. It is unlike this talented YouTuber and social media influencer to go a week without posting anywhere. So, it has caused her followers to start to worry. Could she really be dead?

Nikita Dragun’s Instagram Stories has eerie funeral update

Less than 15 minutes ago, Nikita Dragun’s Instagram Stories featured an update. A sad song was playing. Three people were standing over what appeared to be a freshly dug grave. They were throwing dirt and rose petals into the grave. Was this footage actually Nikita’s funeral? Considering the camera appeared to be IN the grave, it was highly unlikely this was a real funeral. It would be an extremely unusual place to put a camera.

Nikita Dragun Instagram

The video clip, however, made it clear Nikita Dragun was trying to continue to milk the fact that she was dead. Was this all just a publicity stunt for clout? Or, is there something really wrong with her? Shortly after the eerie funeral clip, her Instagram Stories updated again. This time it looked like it might’ve been Nikita Dragun in the footage. She appeared to be in a white room. Kicking, screaming, and fighting. She was rocking gorgeous leather with straps and buckles. And, she was being dragged away by several men in white.

Did this mean Nikita Dragun was not dead? Was she in some sort of mental hospital? Was she kidnapped? Or, was this video supposed to be how she died? Needless to say, her latest Instagram Stories update just leaves fans more confused on what is going on with this YouTuber.

Nikita Dragun Youtube

Do you think Nikita Dragun is dead? Or, is she continuing to milk faking her death for clout? Is it possible she’s trying to send a bigger message? Could she be looking to reinvent herself as someone else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this gorgeous icon.

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