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‘1000-Lb Sisters’: How Amy & Tammy Made Money Before They Were Famous

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1000-LB Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slaton are better off financially than they used to be. There was a time however when the pair were pretty unstable monetarily. Becoming reality stars for the last three years certainly helped them overcome those problems. However, because of their health conditions, it was hard for either sister to get regular work before they were on TV. So how exactly did they make money?

‘1000-LB Sisters’ Faced Uncertainty

As Amy and Tammy have explained on their reality television show, the pair comes from a financially unstable background. From their YouTube careers to Amy’s disability benefits, the sisters tended to have to worry from paycheck to paycheck whether they were going to have money.

Growing up, the 1000-Lb Sisters stars were basically raised by their grandmother because of their mom’s busy schedule.

As a result of the Slaton clan’s lack of money, Amy and Tammy’s mother Darlene was constantly out of the house working several part-time jobs. After the sisters’ grandmother died, their mom still had to work tirelessly to provide for her family.

This led to the young women having to feed themselves. They would often have to eat less expensive meals like frozen and fast foods. That, in turn, contributed to the sisters’ eating habits being rather unhealthy. Those are the habits the two are still struggling to break free from in their adulthood.

1000-Lb Sisters
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Before appearing on 1000-LB Sisters, Amy and Tammy mainly spent their early adulthood living off the money collected for Amy’s legal blindness.

YouTube Saves The Day

Because that disability money wasn’t really enough to live off, the pair turned to their YouTube channels.

Although Amy and Tammy didn’t star on their own reality show until 2020, the pair have been entertaining the masses for almost a decade now.

According to Amy’s YouTube channel, she created her account in 2011. Over the decade in which the duo of sisters was active on the site, they wracked up millions of views. Amy’s channel has amassed over 48 million views as of today.

The sisters originally worked together on a tandem YouTube channel, but eventually, they both set up their own. Tammy followed Amy’s lead in 2018,  and her channel has amassed over 5.8 million views since.

With that many viewers and views under their belts, the women were able to forge a profit from YouTube ads that ran in their popular videos.

Once they were able to build up a following and something they could live off of, they were able to keep that going. However, it’s believable to say that their reality television careers are really what might end up saving their life. The money before 1000-LB Sisters was not something they’d be able to count on for all that long.

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