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Is ‘BIP’ Serena Pitt, Joe Amabile Living Together Yet?

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Since filming wrapped for Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, it seems like Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile are always together. So, this has many fans wondering if the two are living together already. They are in love, engaged, and planning their future. So, is it possible they went ahead and took the plunge?

Did Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile move in together?

Bachelor Nation shared details about Serena and Joe’s living situation. Serena appeared on Joe’s podcast recently and spilled the tea on everything. First of all, she said when they met on BIP, they were together every day, all day. Now, even short periods of time apart is hard.

Serena Pitt said, “We met and then we were never separated from each other. We had never had time apart. We were together morning to night, all day, every single day for a full month straight. Then we got engaged and spent a couple days together in Mexico. Then we were together for 10 days nonstop because we couldn’t go anywhere.”

The two are planning to move in together. However, they haven’t taken the big plunge yet. Serena went home to see her family for a few weeks and it was torture for them both. Now, Joe says they do not go more than a week without seeing each other.

Their thoughts on each other

Joe Amabile reflected back on when he first saw Serena on Matt’s season. He thought right away she would be the winner. He said roughly a year ago, “I think she’s really attractive and I’m basing this pretty much off of looks because right now we don’t have anything else besides a paragraph. So if I’m going to base it off of looks, she’s got really nice skin, I really like her hair. I understand that this answer could be shallow, but that’s all I have to work with.”

Serena also shared her favorite things about her fiance. She said he has a  great “sense of humor because we’re always laughing and having fun. We have a very playful relationship. And how caring you are with the people in your life, both me and your family and friends. You’re very thoughtful.”

There is an age difference between them but Serena isn’t letting the haters get to her. In fact, she made a viral TikTok about the gap in age.


Mama said that it was ok 🤷🏽‍♀️ #mama #manasaid #mamasaiditwasok #bachelornation #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

They are working on figuring out where they will live. Their three choices are Chicago, Canada or New York. They hope to make that decision in a few months.

What do you think about this adorable couple?


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