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Reconciled? Pieper James Dishes On Brendan Morais, Natasha Parker

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When Brendan Morais and Pieper James got back from Bachelor in Paradise it wasn’t easy. They had to deal with some backlash. Initially smug about what he transpired, once they realized people were angry they changed their tune. After watching the episode back, a source revealed Pieper saw things she wasn’t privy to before she showed up on the beach.

The couple was run off the beach when they were confronted about just coming to Paradise to see each other. The consensus being they should have come open. Brendan especially was very reactive to the situation. Not only had he led Natasha Parker on to stay on the beach, but he’d told her what Pieper and he had was very casual. Once she showed up, she talked to no one but Brendan. It became obvious very quickly they were in a relationship. They also started talking about their follower count. While it’s true most cast members see an increase in followers, they don’t talk about it being the main reason they’re at the beach.

What Did Pieper Say About Her Relationship With Brendan Morais

Pieper said despite taking a break for a bit, she and Brendan Morais were together. According to E-News, she told Becca Kufrin on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, “we didn’t choose to go public like everyone else because our experience was a little bit different.” She went on to say they had tainted their experience by going public on the show. She said they wanted to focus on working on the relationship and themselves.

A source said right after the show, they paused their relationship to work on just themselves. They said, “they felt they needed that moment to focus and realign what they needed from the relationship.” They didn’t have it easy but are trying to make it work. In a recent interview, Blake Horstmann, former BIP star said they could have come back from their villain edit. They didn’t handle things well at all and that’s where they messed up.

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What Did She Say About Natasha Parker?

Pieper said watching the show was hard on her relationship with Brendan Morais. Watching him tell Natasha that they have a better connection than she did with him hurt her. She said she agrees it wasn’t fair to Natasha. She said, “I don’t condone those actions, but it was also hurtful to me.” She said she sympathizes the most with Natasha because of him switching so quickly. Becca asked her how Brendan explained the situation to her. Pieper said, “I haven’t really gotten a straight answer on that, and I’d still love to know.”

According to Bachelor Nation, she went on to say that’s why they are keeping their relationship low-key because she has questions. Pieper also said she wants to give Natasha space after watching it and reliving it. She said she wants to talk face-to-face so she knows she means the apology. What do you think of Pieper’s take on things? Comment below with your thoughts.

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