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‘The Little Couple’: Bill Klein Grosses Fans Out With Major TMI

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The Little Couple fans were alarmed last week when learning Bill Klein had been hospitalized. Turns out, he was getting a surgery he had needed for a while. The surgery went well and the TLC personality has already been discharged. But, he recently shared some MAJOR TMI on Instagram that has fans seriously cringing. What exactly did the TLC personality share on Instagram that was so gross? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Why did the TLC personality have surgery?

As we previously reported, The Little Couple star Bill Klein suffered an injury earlier this year (over the summer). The injury left him with a broken bone and a need for surgery. The injury, however, happened at the height of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the surgery needed to repair the damages was considered elective surgery. Elective surgeries were put on hold at the time to make room for COVID-related complications.

This put The Little Couple star in an awkward situation where he was forced to wait to get the surgery when elective surgeries opened back up. Fortunately, things eventually opened back up. He got his surgery and he’s been recovering nicely.

He actually took to Instagram recently to update his fans on how things were going. His update, however, was a bit grotesque. Many of his fans weren’t exactly happy with his oversharing.

Bill Klein Instagram

The Little Couple: Bill Klein shares MAJOR TMI

It’s been a week now since Bill Klein had surgery on his arm. The Little Couple star took to his Instagram to share an update with his followers. Initially, the update had TLC fans scratching their heads. What exactly were they looking at? Some fans noted it looked like Bill shared a dried-up piece of shrimp with this post. Once fans figured out what it was that Bill shared on his profile, they instantly became grossed out. Many noted this was major TMI And oversharing on his part.

Turns out, the Instagram post in the screenshot down below is actually a piece of bone that was taken out of Bill Klein. It had a ruler with it so people could get a clear idea of how big it was. Many fans flooded the comment section with gagging and puking emojis. They were NOT happy once they realized what this was a photo of.

The Little couple Bill Klein Instagram

In the caption, Bill Klein jested it looked a little like a cashew. But, he assured everyone it was a bone from inside of him. Overall, however, his followers were not amused.

Do you think this is one of those updates Bill Klein should have kept to himself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on The Little Couple.

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