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Is ‘Bachelor’ Alum Madison Prewett Dating Mike Planeta?

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Rumors are flying that Madison Prewett and Mike Planeta could be dating. The two were spotted out together a few times and of course, that got the rumor mill churning. They seem perfect for each other. Both are virgins who have remained committed to waiting for marriage before engaging in intimate activities. the rumors circulating got back to Madison and she addressed the speculation to let fans know if she or is not dating Mikey.

Is Madison Prewett dating Mikey Planeta?

US Weekly shared about whether or not Madison Prewett is dating Mikey Planeta. Many think these two would be great together. Madison says she too thinks Mikey is a great guy. However, according to The Bachelor alum, she’s not dating Mikey.

Madison said, “I will say Mikey is an amazing guy.” She continued, “I’m in a season right now of fully focusing on my book, fully focusing on where God has me right now. And honestly, I don’t think I could be in a relationship right this second even if I wanted to, just because my life is so busy and crazy. But I’m just really focusing on myself, focusing on this book and getting this message out there, trying to reach as many people as I can with this message. And we’ll see what unfolds, we’ll see what happens.”

Mikey appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Madison appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. 


Madi talks Peter Weber and her values

Madison took a lot of heat for her conversation with Peter about her values and not being intimate until she’s married. Many were angry at her because they felt she knew what she was getting into while on the show.

She said, “Everyone’s like, ‘You know what you’re getting yourself into when you go on that show.’ I’d actually never watched The Bachelor, so I truly didn’t know what I was getting myself into.” Madison continued, “And even if I did, you really don’t 1), you don’t know how far you’re going to make it. And 2), you don’t know what you’re going to be feeling, you don’t know what you’re going to be faced with. And for me, I’ve always viewed myself and my life as no matter what environment I’m in, no matter where I’m at, I’m never going to lower my standards. I’m never going to change myself. And I’m never just going to OK something that doesn’t sit right in my heart and that doesn’t align with the vision that I have for my life.”

Because of her values and her pickiness in choosing a future husband, Madison opted to not go on Bachelor in Paradise. 

As for Mikey, he is also not dating anyone that the public is aware of. In fact, he was just spending time with fellow cast member Michael Allio and his son James.

What do you think about Madison and Mikey? Should they date?





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