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‘Sister Wives’: That’s NOT Kody Brown!!! Does Meri Have A New Man?!

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Does Meri Brown have a new man in her life? Some Sister Wives fans are wondering if that might be the case after headlines started popping up about her planning a vacation with a man who wasn’t her husband Kody Brown. Where is Meri Brown jetting off to? And, what do we know about this man she’s going on vacation with?

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Is she even still with Kody Brown?

Sister Wives fans assume Kody and Meri Brown are no longer together. The relationship between these two appeared completely shattered throughout all of Season 15. While she still appears to be there for her sister wives and her children based on her Instagram activity, it doesn’t feel like she’s got a lot of love left for Kody. Likewise, Sister Wives fans didn’t feel like Kody had a lot of love left for Meri either.

Kody Brown - Sister wives Youtube
Kody Brown – Sister Wives Youtube

Meri Brown plans a vacation with a different man

On her Instagram Stories, Meri Brown revealed she had finally worked out a plan to go to Disneyland. Turns out, it was something she had been wanting to do for a while. It, however, was a screenshot of one of her friends announcing they’d worked out the details to go on this trip to Disneyland. Now, Meri Brown planning this trip to Disneyland quickly made headlines. Why? Well, because the friend she was going on the trip with was a man. A man who wasn’t Kody.

Sister Wives fans reeled. They were quick to flock to these headlines as they questioned why Meri was going on a vacation with a man that wasn’t Kody.

Meri Brown Instagram

Does Meri Brown have a new man?

As we previously reported, one rumor that had been making rounds was that Meri had moved in and was living with a man. This was an older rumor that kept getting revived by tabloids. Furthermore, Meri Brown has been linked to this particular male friend before. When Meri Brown posted a photo of herself with her friend, Sister Wives fans scrambled. They quickly speculated she was having an affair.

Meri later responded to the backlash with a photo of her with Kody. She noted she is an independent woman and she’s allowed to have male friends. While she never further defended her male friends, internet sleuths deduced her married friend was actually a married homosexual man. So, Kody really had nothing to worry about.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Meri Brown Youtube

So, for now at least, it still doesn’t seem like Meri has replaced Kody with a new man. But, fans remain hopeful.

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