Isabel Roloff more babies

Isabel Roloff Gives Candid Answer On More Babies

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Isabel Roloff is quite enjoying life these days. As she waits for the arrival of her new baby, she’s not afraid to plan for life after it comes.

It turns out that some of her fans are planning for that day as well. In particular, there are some who are wondering how much of those plans are going to contain more babies.

One particular fan asked her flat out how many kids the Little People Big World star wants to have. It turns out that if it were up to her, she’d have a whole bushel of little ones.

Isabel Roloff Wants A Big Family

When she did finally respond to the user, she made it clear she didn’t want small family. In fact, she said that she honestly loves being pregnant.

She went on to say that she could see herself “doing this many more times.” Finally, she said the sky was the limit saying “however many more are meant to come through.”

It sounds like Isabel Roloff is willing to get pregnant as many times as her body can handle. The real question is whether or not Jacob would agree with that assertion. For now, he has not answered the same kind of question. However, one would hope the couple is on the same page when it comes to how many kids they are going to have.

Isabel Roloff more kids
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Lots Of Talk About Babies

Isabel Roloff is not one to be shy about talking about her plans when it comes to kids. However, as it turns out, fans who are hoping to see the child once it arrives are going to be disappointed.

Both she and Jacob have made it very clear that they want privacy for their baby. That means that they are not planning on putting any pictures of it on social media.

It stands to reason that they’ve grown tired of the darker side of sites like Instagram. That darker side showed up recently when she was called a “hypocrite” by some of her followers for her stance on not putting any pictures of her baby on Instagram.

It’s likely that’s exactly the kind of comemnts she doesn’t want aimed at her baby.

That doesn’t mean that Isabel Roloff isn’t willing to talk about both her plans, and offer advice to others about theirs.

One follower told the Little People Big World star that they were having problems deciding whether to have kids.

Isabel Roloff

The reality TV personality answered that it was a difficult situation. She added that it was really up to each individual person to decide if they were ready or not.

She also said that there was nothing wrong with deciding a person wasn’t ready. She made it clear it really was an individual decision.

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