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Ethan Plath Looks Amazing At Beach After Nasty Separation

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Ethan Plath has finally resurfaced after his split from Olivia on this season of Welcome to PlathvilleTLC viewers know that the pair has had some recent relationship issues, and ultimately, they decided to separate.

As we reported, Ethan and Olivia’s relationship may be in a better place in real-time. Though the show is behind on their real lives, a recent interview proves that they are improving their issues and overcoming some of their challenges.

In a new social media post, Ethan looks happy and healthy as he soaks up some sun on the beach.

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Ethan Plath resurfaces and seems more like himself.

In a new Instagram post, Max Kallschmidt, Moriah Plath’s boyfriend, shared a few photos from their recent beach trip. It looks like Max, Moriah, Ethan, and their friend Nathan went to the beach together. For some reason, Micah Plath isn’t pictured, though he usually does hang out with this group.

In his post, Max writes, “And they say Androids don’t take good pictures…smh.” He refers to Ethan as a “goofball” too.

Fans are happy to see the whole family enjoying themselves, but they’re especially glad to see Ethan doing so well. They know how difficult things have been between his conflict with his parents and his marriage challenges. One fan writes, “So good to see you all and especially Ethan having a good time.”

Someone else chimes in, “Good to see Ethan smiling!”

Max Kallschmidt Instagram
Max Kallschmidt Instagram
Max Kallschmidt Instagram 2
Max Kallschmidt Instagram

Did Olivia go to the beach with the rest of the family?

Interestingly, Ethan’s wife isn’t in any of the photos Max posted on Instagram. However, there is a good explanation for this. She commented on Max’s post, writing, “So sad that I missed this day!! Can’t wait til I’m home on the weekends again! 🥺🥰”

So, it looks like she would have tagged along if she was available. For those who don’t know, Olivia is a wedding photographer. It’s likely a pretty busy time for her, so that explains why she’s gone so much right now. This is a good sign that things are going well for Ethan and Olivia though. She likely wouldn’t have commented that she would have liked to be there if they were on terrible terms with each other.

So, are you glad to see that Ethan Plath is doing so well right now? What do you think of his beach photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Ethan, run from your wife. She has many issues with har parents and is inflicting much pain on yours and you with her unresolved issues! She has mental, controlling, and anger issues.

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